Millie’s One a Day


Add large handfuls of baby spinach to your Smoothies! 

Although I drink fresh vegetable juices daily, I do not add greens to them. Greens are expensive, and you have to use a bunch to get even a tiny bit of juice.  So I drink carrot, celery, green apple, turmeric, beets and ginger juices.  I add huge handfuls of baby spinach to my smoothies. That way I am getting the fiber as well as the fat that helps me assimilate the nutrients in the greens.  By adding coconut cream I am getting the essential saturated fats that are needed to be ingested at the same times as the greens.  Remember that there is a reason that throughout time people have used bacon or fatback to cook greens with…and the flavor is great!

For more info on why saturated fats are crucial for your health- Saturated Fats are Needed for ALL Biological Functions

Millie’s One a Day

Today is a very simple one- MOVE!

I know, I know…who has time to make it to the gym, right?

I realized decades a go when I was a single mom with 5 kids, that bicycle riding, gym visits and running were off the table…couldn’t get away.  And by the time you get ready, go to class, get back home…that 45 minute workout turned into a hour an a half time commitment!  And we were told for years that we had to get out heart rate up and sustain it for us to offer us any cardiovascular benefits.  That simply isn’t true.  Any movement, a degree of exercise is great..and you reap benefits.

For 25 years now I have practiced yoga and weight lifting.  BUT, my main sources of aerobic exercise is dancing, hula hooping, gardening, yard work, standing 8 to 10 hours a day (I am a Chef and author, I use a standing desk).

Several times a day, and every evening I take a break, turn on some kick ass music (BB King, Peter Gabriel, Keb’ Mo, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner are some faves) and I dance like crazy!  I also usually follow yoga with hula hooping with a 7 pound hula hoop. I also go several times a week and swing at the park.  And remember that sex, if done with enough enthusiasm, is a great workout!!

So get off the couch, and simply move, have fun…you’ll be healthier for it!  You’ll sleep better, aid digestion, stave off depression, oxygenate the body (a great cancer preventative)…and enjoy life more!