Jen Jones, Unity Plaza-  Millie Barnes’ cuisine options are tantalizing, delicious and so nutritious  they actually make one feel better. This is why she has been selected as one of a handful of preferred caterers for @UnityPlazaJax!

Cherie Pirko-  Awesome all around. Great variety offered. I love opening each delivery to see what I got! The portions are substantial. The coconut yogurt is amazing! As well as many other items. I’ve never been disappointed. Millie and her team are great to work with!

Michael Gordon- I think it’s a shame that most doctors know nothing of nutrition. Thank you Millie Barnes for doing what the doctors, medication and the ADA could not do; my blood sugar is now averaging by the month 87! I thought that I was eating healthy until you had me keep a food diary and then you analyzed the nutrition that I was receiving. Man, was I surprised at the results. But with your advice, your information and food, I am feeling better, I have more energy and just overall doing better. Thanks again.

Update- Due to my new eating habits I have been able to stop taking one of my medications that I was taking for a chronic condition that I had since 2010.  All kinds of tests,  multiple hospitals and still no one could help.  Who was able to help me?  A nutritionist. I am thankful to know Millie Barnes

Jessica  McManus- I began following the guidelines Millie taught me on December 11, 2011.  I’ve lost 51.5 lbs and I am back into the clothes I wore before I had kids [from a size 14 to a size 3]. I feel great, like I did when I was a young teenager which certainly makes it easier keeping up with my life ? I learned how to eat gluten, soy and lactose free — a Traditional Human Diet that is low carb, delicious and meets all of my nutrient needs..and tastes wonderful!

Ask Millie Lewis Barnes, a Chef and Nutrition Coach with 30 years experience helping clients lose weight, heal from allergies, learn how to eat gluten, soy and lactose free about her 30 Day Guide, The Criterion Diet. This how-to guide is truly amazing (I speak from first hand experience). It helps you to achieve optimum health, including weight loss, better health and higher energy with menus and recipes. At only $10, that’s a steal!!!

You’ve seen fad diets a lot pricier than this and trust me, this is no fad…

Joe Delgado  Millie, Thanks for being in my life….we have been on the cleansing portion for 7 days now and i have lost 8.5 pounds and look and feel much better…..also i have had some of the best meals of my life….I love you!

Mary Walter I met Millie at a monthly event at Eluma Med Spa where she spoke about Nutrition.  It caught my interest when she mentioned that a change of diet, can clear up symptoms of IBS/spastic colon.  At first I thought it extreme from the details, but thought “don’t knock it until you try it”.

Well, much to my surprise, that very night I won the most spectacular prize.  The spa had a drawing to win a lollapalooza of goodies and I won it!  Included was Millie’s 6 week nutritional counseling.  After scheduling the appt. and meeting with her, I was captivated and intrigued by what I learned.

In reviewing the CD, I have my own way of learning things, so began reading here and there.  The Publix shopping list is a great guide and can be used at other stores as a “food type” guide.

Learning to replace yogurt, milk, wheat flour and CHEESE was incredibly easy.  Until I tried Rice cheese, rice milk, rice pasta, I would not have believed it would have appealed to me as much if not more than cows’ milk or wheat products.

After one week I went through some ups and downs, feeling good and blah.  By the end of the week I had started to lose a couple of pounds, my stomach felt relaxed and not bloated.  Going into the next week I couldn’t wait to continue, eating fruit throughout the day kept my energy level up, my stomach full, and a new confidence came about.  It was hard not to tell the world about how much better I was feeling and why.  Well, ok I did try but you know how people just don’t want to hear that when they just polished off a brownie…. or two.

Through a busy schedule it’s been challenging but if I fudge a bit I have learned to get right back on track, immediately.  I basically went off it for a weekend and boy oh boy did I pay for it.  Come Monday, I couldn’t pop that fruit fast enough.  I’m down 6 lbs. and will follow it through as I have 10-15 more to lose and more confidence to gain.

People notice the difference and comment and I am proud to compliment Millie’s advice and educational tools that she provides on the CD’s.

My family thanks you and they are benefiting by this education as well.  My kids have never eaten so well.

Thank you, Millie for changing my life for the better.

Amy Hyler Being sick and tired, literally, for a long time (a few years) I decided to consult with a nutrition coach. Was I ever so fortunate to find Millie Barnes! I followed her diet and began to notice results as early as 14 days.  I did not realize the way I was eating on my own was actually detrimental to my health and causing the fatigue, chronic sinus, allergy and debilitating headaches I suffered.  I have been working with Millie for over a year and have continued to enjoy being healthy and living life to the fullest, free of the problems that plagued me for so long.  Thank you Millie for giving me my life back !!

Bob Main  I committed to personal health at the end of 2006.  At first I thought this would be 2-3 days a week at the gym with no real plan, but I just didn’t really feel this was going to accomplish anything.  I hired a trainer, and saw results, but after talking to you about my eating habits, I was convinced a major change was necessary.

At first I was in disbelief.  How could eating fruit, vegetables, and protein possibly fuel my appetite after the workouts?  Well, I was wrong.  I have not once been hungry after eating your suggested meals, even the fruit smoothies in the morning.

I now eat lots of fruit, fish and vegetables every day.  I don’t miss the fat laden fast food, poor meals, or the THREE inches off my waist since February. My face isn’t as bloated anymore, my skin color is better, and I feel like I have more energy each and every day. Yes, a little more planning is required in order to make sure the proper foods are available, and planning the meals takes some time.  So what!  THREE inches, enough said.

Thank you Millie.

Earl H. McGinley Jr.-  I started at the gym around the 30th of November 2006 and have achieved many of my own personnel goals since that time. I would guess I met you in January  2007 and we discussed my diet. I explained some of my concerns over a 2000 calorie a day diet that my natural body burns on average 2300 calories without exercise. I was very adamant about my workout regiment and that I was going twice a day 5 days a week and was already losing 3 pounds a week. This was incredible in itself that just by raising my exercise level I was able to raise my metabolism such that I was burning about 4500 calories a day. I started at 244lbs. I am now at 198-202 lbs. I have had to use the diet that was explained to me and modify it slightly to fit my needs due my bodies metabolism and anemia. I have met and or exceeded my goals and have had to add/change goals to push myself harder and further. Some other accomplishments to mention are I successfully completed the Gate River Run (time = 1hr 51 mins) and am now strength training with Sandi from Graycor on and off to further pursue my new goals. Thanks for all of your help and I hope that we can work together in the future to reach new heights.

Madeleine Peck  Though I don’t follow your program perfectly, I have incorporated many of your tenets into my life, and I must say that it has been a long time since I felt this good. For the most part leave out the meat and dairy, but I still struggle with gluten…but every day it gets easier to make the right choices because of how I feel when I do. Before I started the plan, it was not uncommon for me to sleep up to ten hours, these days (though I’m still not up with the birds) I rise when the sun starts streaming in my window and I’ve got all the energy I need for the day…in fact, on the days I follow the plan to a “T” I feel like bouncing off the walls and I can’t wait to get into something, whether it’s my workout or projects around the house. Overall, I’m slowly working towards your idea of perfect nutrition, and the closer I get each day, the better I feel, the more energy and mental clarity I have.

Troy Wynne-  I want to tell you that I have ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY stuck to the integrity of the diet as much as I possibly could [without knowing the entire content of every morsel of food] and I feel better than I’ve felt in years.  The saying, “you don’t know how bad you feel until you feel so good” is absolutely true.  I have not been entirely diligent about the caloric intake issues but I have still lost appx. 8-9 lbs and kept it off. As a result of this diet and my new found good looks (LOL), I have others who want to try this diet on for size.  It WORKS and that’s all I care about!

Natasha Bozinta-   More than anything else this experience really forced me to think about everything that goes into my mouth.  I didn’t realize I was consuming so much junk and so few nutrients throughout the day!  While I don’t really think I can completely cut dairy out of my life, since I work in the dairy industry, I was shocked by how little I missed eating ice cream, or cheese, or even a sandwich. I still do love the taste of a chocolate shake or a slice of delicious greasy pizza, but I think those things will become rarely consumed treats rather than a weekly staple food. So far I’ve lost about 10 pounds, I still have a long way to go but my body feels better, I look better and all of my clothes fit better.

I have more energy than I used to, my workouts feel more productive because I’m not tired and hungry when I go to the gym. On the afternoons when I have to go out to lunch with co-workers I feel tired and lethargic afterwards because I end up eating something other than fruit.  All in all this experience has really changed the way I eat.  I don’t really believe in diets because once you stop them you will usually go right back to where you started. You have to make a lifestyle change in order for it to work, and I really feel like I’ve made a lifestyle change.

Andrew Williams  – Millie’s food is so fabulous I almost forget how healthy it is. By helping me clean up my diet, Millie has shown me a way to feel better, and substantially increase my energy level.

Jane Kowalski With Millie’s expertise and solid foundation in nutrition I learned how to help my family with their health problems. I am especially delighted that my son no longer needs his inhaler for his asthma, and he no longer snores at night.

Sharon Wulbern-  Like coming through a fog into a fresh day of sunshine, our family now has more energy and a far more nutritious diet through education and counseling we received from Millie. What better way to say ” I love you” to my children than to guide them into a healthy lifestyle of eating a diet composed of fruits, vegetables and seafood and avoiding the foods the body is not designed to consume.

Dr.Lendon Smith, Physician, Author; Early Childhood Development, Portland, OR-  Millie understands nutrition thoroughly and is implementing a diet that provides ample, even substantial amounts of nutrients.

Judy Montgomery,LCSW I came to know Millie through a cooking class that I took with her. The results of applying what I learned about nutrition in that class helped me clear up some long standing health problems and has enabled me to lose 40 pounds.

Gregg Myer – Environmental Advisory Board, Sierra Club
Computer Analyst , The White House, Wash.D.C

I met Millie when she spoke from the pulpit on Spiritual Healing at the Unity Church in Ormond Beach. She was teaching classes in nutrition at The Daytona Community College. Millie was a first hand observer of my exhausting schedule and fast food diet. She challenged me to try her way of eating for two weeks, if I wasn’t thrilled, she said, go back to hot dogs and Coke. Today, 7 years later, I still practice this lifestyle choice. My family doctor ( from the old school) attests to the fact that I am an extraordinarily healthy individual. At 47 years old, I run 3 miles a day and work 2 jobs. I believe my health and personal accomplishments these last seven years are due to the changes in my diet and attitude. You see, the dietary changes are not the only difference that Millie made in my life. Millie taught me to trust the goodness that is in all of us. I have Millie to thank for teaching me how to believe in myself when events in my life would have me believe otherwise. She is a wonderful teacher.

Jerry and Nancy Matzak We have known Millie for about 7 years. A friend, who told us that this style of eating would make us healthier, referred us to her. Jerry had been disabled in 1979 following a severe concussion. He had suffered from Depression, lethargy, memory loss and lack of clear thought process. He had spent many years trying to find appropriate drugs with as little side affects as possible. He never really got well, until we met Millie in 1993. Millie explained that depression is like any other illness, caused by the bodies being unable to heal, and could be cured. We found this hard to imagine (especially Nancy). Millie said Jerry could heal, given the right conditions. Under Millie’s supervision, we radically changed our eating habits, fasted, rested and went off all medications, including anti-depressants. We have both felt marvelous since that time. We both have boundless energy and clear sharp minds. Jerry is now back at work full time. We work together in sales, which is high pressure and stressful, we believe that following the principals we learned from Millie have helped us be successful in our careers.

David Cooper, High Falls, NY

Dear Millie,  Having relocated to New York from Jacksonville, I had a chance to reflect on my experiences in the South. Surprisingly, on the top of my list was my experience with you. Food and drink are some of my passions in life. Having your confirmation that my tastes also provide me with a well balanced diet as well as your additional insight on foods propel me into being more conscious and enterprising when it comes to eating.

Since being in New York, eating for me no longer is about meals but a series of tastes. I constantly eat, juice or blend foods throughout each day. My energy is directly tied to what I eat. I can give up foods that used to be in my diet without craving them because there is always an adequate supply of substitutes.

Having this perspective can only benefit my lifestyle and me. For most people it is tough fighting the “commercial interests” of food companies. However, if they can make the jump into eating pure foods, life will become more than they ever imaged. Food is the fuel for life! Thanks for your help and continued success-helping people.

Steve Ritter, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL  “I was referred to Millie through my physician, and my goal was to improve my high cholesterol,” Ritter says. “I did not go for weight loss, but it had that side benefit. My wife and I went to her for consultation. She explained diet and philosophies. What she said just made sense. We immediately followed the diet, went to a cooking class, and after that we hosted one. It convinced us that [the Natural Hygiene diet] consisted of good food that tasted good even without the wheat and dairy. It has not been hard to follow at all. It is any easy diet. The hardest part is finding bread with sprouts instead of wheat. My cholesterol levels dropped about 25% [in five weeks], and I attribute that to this diet. My triglycerides also went down significantly. The doctor had wanted to put me on prescription drugs first, and when I reported back to the him, he was really surprised that they went down this much just with diet. As a side benefit I lost 18 pounds. Millie is a great teacher, a real motivator and she is always available. I know if I need to talk with her all I have to do is pick up the phone.”

Katie Burnham, a Jacksonville-area hair stylist became one of Barnes’ clients about six weeks ago, and when taking with her it is clear she has become a follower, and a true believer.

“I had a lot of medical problems,” Burnham says. “Three years ago I had mono. I had not ever felt right since then. Also, I’ve had a weight issue all my life. So far I’ve lost eleven pounds, and I cannot say enough about how pleased I am. First of all I don’t look at it as a diet. I feel so good I’m talking to everybody about this. When I’d only lost 4 pounds people were noticing. I went off dairy on my own last year when I was having some problems with asthma. The diet consists of lots of fruits, vegetables and seafood — the foods that properly digest. You get most of your nutrients from foods that are not overcooked. Fruit during the day, then a meal including seafood at night. It is strict but there are alternatives so you will not be bored eating this way. These foods will not bloat you. When I first heard about his I thought it was too extreme. I found out about Millie’s diet through a friend who had been talking about her three years ago. At that time I thought, ‘yeah right.’ To tell this to somebody who is really healthy is difficult. If I had not been having the problems I would not have turned to this. We are taught to get our dairy. Look at all the commercials with the people with the moustache that say ‘got milk?’  I told her she saved my life as far as I am concerned. This has greatly improved the quality of my life.  I think some people would;d have to hit rock bottom with their health first.  Millie is very caring. she encourages us to email or call her and talk to her about what we are eating, how we are doing.  She wants us to feel as good as she is feeling, and who wouldn’t want that?

Brett Chepenik- owner of the prestigious Graycor Fitness Center in San Marco carries Barnes’ food and has all of his personal trainers refer their clients to her.

“I opened I August of 1999 and met with a number of nutritional counselors,” Chepenik says. “I was impressed with what she had to say. I immediately started following her way of eating, and it’s been two years this august. I’ve lost about 30 lbs and 5 ½ inches in my waist. What I found was that it is easier for someone who uses Millie’s service to follow and apply it every day of their life. Overall I have more energy and just feel better, and my sinus problems have gone away. I never feel bloated or weighted down. I thought it would be difficult, but if you learn the snacks and things you can eat when you are hungry, it really isn’t. After you do it for a while you learn to listen to your body”.

Liz Strach of Ponte Vedra Beach changed to this way of eating over three years ago and says she’s never looked back.

“I met Millie through taking her cooking class, and I liked what she had to say,” Strach says. “As I got into the class I discovered that I was loosing weight and feeling better without feeling deprived or hungry. It was in the spring when I took her class, and I was taking two allergy medications at the time. I did not get rid of my allergy medications right away because of my problems with migraines, but in the next winter I stopped taking them. I thought I’d wait until things started blooming again [to resume the medication], but I never had to. This was unbelievable for me because I had needed medication for years. There is no way I could go back to eating the way I used to. I couldn’t eat the standard American diet again without feeling awful. When I was suffering from allergies and was taking two medications I had no idea what that was doing to my kidneys and my liver, and I don’t want to be dependent on medication. Millie has researched so much and she is such a good source. She really can make things that taste so good you don’t miss anything. This takes an adjustment time. It’s a matter of relearning new recipes and adapting the way you eat. She gives you a grocery list. I buy almost everything I need at Publix. Millie helped solve all my cravings by making pizzas and desserts that I can eat without having wheat or dairy, by using rice crust and rice cheese, things like that.

Dr. Jeremy Sundgren, Doctor of Chiropractic’s-  “Working with Millie Barnes and the diet she recommends has been an awakening…both physically and mentally. I would recommend her guidance to anyone who is ready to make a change in their life for the better.”

Susan DuBow-   November, 2004-  This will serve as a reference for Millie Barnes. Millie was employed with me May, 2004 through September, 2004. I hired her on a temporary basis for one month, but ended up keeping her much longer. During this time, Millie was a wonderful nanny and chef in my home. She was creative and very loving with my daughter. The TV was never on….it was always a new game, a new craft or just playing outside. Millie’s abilities as a chef are endless. She is an outstanding cook and everything she prepares is healthy and delicious. She was able to juggle the roles as nanny and chef very well.

Millie was always punctual, always cheerful and always followed through with every task.

You would be very lucky to have Millie Barnes in your home to take care of your children and/or prepare your meals.

Dr. Robert Travis, Jr. Doctor of Chiropractic’s-  Millie has been a consultant and guide to many people, including patients of mine. She has helped many to become healthier. I have confidence in her knowledge and methods of teaching dietary practices.

Rebecca Pendergraft-  I met Millie at our synagogue one Shabbat evening.  She told me that she was a nutrition coach, so I invited her to speak to our Temple Sisterhood about nutrition, which she did, and it resulted in me hosting a cooking class in my home, to teach those of us in the class about the proper eating habits for good health.  Shortly after the class was over, and as I was struggling to keep to the eating plan, I was diagnosed with an ulcer.  I was told by the doctor to take my medicine and give up chocolate, coffee, and mint, which I did.  When I told Millie about the ulcer, she asked me if I really wanted to get well.  Of course, I really wanted to get well!  What a question, I thought.  Then I really, really stuck to the eating plan, but even more so.  I not only gave up dairy and wheat, which I had already done, but gave up almost everything but non-acidic fruits and vegetables, all caffeine, including caffeine teas and chocolate, and only ate a little bit of protein, which I got from either fish or eggs.  When I had the follow up exam for my ulcer, six weeks later, the ulcer was gone, leaving only a scar.  Today, I still stick to the plan, and am fine.  If, however, I go off the plan, even a little, my stomach flares up with a vengeance.  So, I stick to the plan and I’m fine.  I’ve eliminated the harmful fats from my diet, except for the good fats found in foods, such a avocado, and seafood which I’ve really been enjoying.  I’ve also eliminated as many chemicals as possible.  If I can’t pronounce the ingredients, I don’t get it.  We are not meant to have chemicals of any kind.  That means that when I have my herb tea, I have real honey or sugar in it, not the sugar substitutes I’d been having for years!

Oh, yes……..in addition to my ulcer healing up, I lost about 20 lbs., which is enough for me to lose to get into size 6, which is about right for me.  I could lose some more, but real skinny isn’t good on me.

This has definitely been a life altering experience for me and I appreciate the knowledge that Millie has regarding nutrition, and what the medical and food communities don’t tell us!

Pam Hudgens-  Millie is personable, professional and very knowledgeable . I look forward to my journey Back to health and happiness!

Email me at HERE to discuss how her services or expertise can help you begin a healthier lifestyle and get more energy in a short amount a time!

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