Millie’s One a Day


Add large handfuls of baby spinach to your Smoothies! 

Although I drink fresh vegetable juices daily, I do not add greens to them. Greens are expensive, and you have to use a bunch to get even a tiny bit of juice.  So I drink carrot, celery, green apple, turmeric, beets and ginger juices.  I add huge handfuls of baby spinach to my smoothies. That way I am getting the fiber as well as the fat that helps me assimilate the nutrients in the greens.  By adding coconut cream I am getting the essential saturated fats that are needed to be ingested at the same times as the greens.  Remember that there is a reason that throughout time people have used bacon or fatback to cook greens with…and the flavor is great!

For more info on why saturated fats are crucial for your health- Saturated Fats are Needed for ALL Biological Functions

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