Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition  Coaching

Many of us want to exercise more and make healthier

food choices.  We really do want to change!  But, no matter what we try (or how hard we try), we always seem to stop short of our long-term


Tomato Every choice you make about what food to eat puts you closer or further away from better health, increased energy and looking and feeling better. 

TomatoHow many times have you started on a diet with hope and discipline only to call it quits after a short period of time and find that you had actually gained weight?

TomatoCaloric restriction used for weight loss is a myth.  It doesn’t work.  In fact, reducing calories to even 1500 calories a day will cause your body to go into starvation mode.  You can’t get the nutrients you need by caloric restriction so the body holds on to whatever you nutrients you do consume.

TomatoHealthy food, that truly meets your caloric and nutrients needs, allows your body to achieve your goals; build and maintain muscle, give you abundant energy, enhance hormone production sleep better and wake up completely refreshed and feel happy all day.

What a consultation can do for you:

Tomato Help you understand how your present food choices are related to any physical or emotional imbalances you may be experiencing

Tomato Save you the time of reading all the current nutrition research yourself

Tomato Give you a dietary roadmap for improved health and well-being

Tomato Provide you with a realistic plan and steps for making changes.

Here are some of the many reasons people use a Nutrition Coach;

Lactose or Gluten Intolerance

•    Food Allergies

•    Weight issues

•    Diabetes

•    Depression

•    Lack of energy

•    PMS

•    Peri-Menopause or Menopausal changes

•    High LDL’s and/or Low HDL’s

•    Migraines

•    Hypertension

•    Low Thyroid

•    Fibromyalgia

•    Arthritis

•    Mood swings

•    Children’s behavioral problems

•    Chronic Fatigue

•    Fibromyalgia

•    Celiac Sprue Disease

Let me show you how!

Your personalized program will radically improve your health and happiness. We will explore concerns specific to you and your body, and you will gain the tools you need for a lifetime of optimum health.

There are several ways that I meet clients needs; through an office visit for a specific issue, a full nutrition consultation or a consultation with coaching.

Email for an appointment time, when that is set please email me a 3 day food diary so that I can have the analysis ready for you when we meet.  Please be specific as I need amounts, what the food was cooked in (oils, fats), etc.

A Full Nutrition Consultation is typically 2 hours long.  This will include a diet and  health review and a look at your overall health and issues. For the remainder of the coaching period I will have you email your food intake to me at the end of each day.  This is thirty consecutive days. I will analyze your food intake and email you back with the results, daily, showing calorie, protein, carb and nutrient intake. I will make recommendations as to how you could have improved that day (if any!) and how to fine tune.

Half PepperDaily Food Intake Analysis-  Email me your 3 day food diary, being very specific with foods and amounts, and I will analyze and email you back the results. This info includes overall caloric intake, where each of those calories are derived from (fat, carbs and protein), and a complete breakdown in what nutrients you are missing and which ones you are getting.   $50.00

Half PepperNutrition Consultation with 21 Days  of Coaching- $200.-   Studies show that habits followed for 21 days is the optimum time to allow us to stick with those changes. Begin by sending a detailed food diary DAILY for 4 days. Then we will meet for approximately 2 hours and go over everything that has led you to where you are now. The 21 days of coaching cannot be spread out, the coaching is for 21 consecutive days.

*24 hour cancellation is required if you cannot keep your appointment.  If not then you will be charged half of the fee for the time booked.

Please fill out the contact form below and I will call you to set an appointment, or you can email questions!

*  A full 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of a Nutrition Consult.

Coaching is a unique service; it’s a partnership between the Client and the Coach, designed specifically to help the you identify and break through the blocks that keep you from achieving health and nutrition goals. This relationship goes far beyond traditional diet and exercise recommendations.  If you live in the Jacksonville area I will meet with you in person, if not we can use Video Conferencing.

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