We Evolved to Eat Meat but How Much Is Enough?

NPR had an article today about eating meat and how much we should eat. 


Good article but I disagree with the conclusion he reached; that it is best to only eat meat 2 to 3 times a week.

It IS better to limit meat consumption if you are going to consume feed lot meat because it is so toxic and contains unhealthy types of fat. But if you are going to eat grass fed organic meat then we should do so at every meal!  The reason being if you remove the meat from each meal you are either replacing it with a lower quality protein, like tofu or other bean products. The other alternative is simply not eat much protein which puts most of your intake being carbohydrates, a prescription for weight gain, cardiovascular disease, cancer…and will leave you craving sugars and/or fats. I’m not saying fats are bad, 50% of our caloric intake should be from fats but it should be only from organic sources and from grass fed meat so that the fats contain the amounts of nutrients we need. That is not possible from corn fed animals.

It is vitally important for your health, especially your immune system, that you do not get more that 25% of your calories from carbs.  ALL you have to choose from is carbs, proteins and fats.  If you get too many carbs your body will not be satiated as you are missing nutrients, the brain tells you to keep eating.  THAT is why we overeat.

50% of our calories should come from fats, healthy organic saturated fats.  30% from high quality proteins and 20% of carbs. ALL of those carbs should be from low glycemic vegetables and a small amount from fruit.

Here is a copy of the glycemic table to help you.

4 Comments on “We Evolved to Eat Meat but How Much Is Enough?”

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    • The above link was sent to me by another blogger. I AM approving the comment but only because I want to address the info in her blog. Caloric restriction is an outdated approach to weight control and study after study has shown this. We have been led to believe that the key to weight loss is just to eat less and exercise more but the truth is that isn’t very effective when it comes to weight loss.

      It’s not enough to count calories; you have to look at the kinds of calories you’re counting because your body processes them differently based on their source. The Harvard study followed 120,877 men and women of all shapes and sizes for 12 to 20 years. Every two years, they completed a survey about their diet and lifestyle, along with their weight and current health.

      Even though most of us have been taught to believe that just eating less, avoiding fatty foods, and taking everything in moderation, it’s just not enough to stay healthy. Instead, they propose, Americans should temper their diet to minimize the foods that contribute the most to weight gain, like French fries, potato chips, and sugar-sweetened drinks. They also noted that the “good foods” were the ones most people already associate as good for you: fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

      The truth is that fruits,and veggies are needed in the diet, and healthy for you…but they should only be 20% of our caloric intake. Grains have no place in the human diet. I consider them “recreational” foods. Fats and high quality organic sources of proteins are the most important part of our diet..for the depth of nutrients they have.

      You need 2000 calories a day; 50% of that should be from fat, 30% protein..the remainder should be low glycemic veggies and a serving of fruit. This allows you to eat 2000 calories a day, which truly meets your nutrient needs, moves the body out of starvation mode and let’s you lose about 5 pounds a week, safely…as you are getting healthier. Because THAT is what weight loss should be about!


  2. […] We Evolved to Eat Meat but How Much Is Enough? (optimumnutrition.wordpress.com) […]


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