Study Says Our Air Conditioners Are Making Us Fat!

I come across these “theories” or half baked ideas occasionally and after I stop laughing I am driven to post them…

This one says that Americans are fat because of our living in air conditioning… It begins by saying maybe it’s because we don’t do a lot of walking.  But studies show you can park your butt on your couch and barely move, but eat a close to perfect diet..and not gain weight.  But you can eat a Standard American diet and exercise like a fiend and not lose weight.  So much for that idea.

Then they go on to say that “reduction in variability of ambient temperature” could be the reason. The widespread use of central heating and air conditioning means that most homes and offices are now kept at a relatively constant temperature year-round. Allison’s group found evidence that this causes the body to expend less energy, because it does not have to work to warm up or cool down, potentially leading to increased fat stores. In the South, where obesity rates are the highest in the nation, homes with central air increased from 37 to 70 percent between 1978 and 1990.


Listen up, peeps!  Weight gain occurs when carbs (NOT fat and protein) are not burned off, are converted to to sugar.  So all that low fat advise we’ve gotten is wrong…look around, Americans eat too many carbs, not enough fat, not enough protein.  So they are fat. 

I moved in to the neighborhood I live in now 13 years ago.  I noticed a man in his thirties jogging by every morning.  He looks out of shape, kinda pudgy, about 40 pounds overweight.  After several weeks went by I really wanted to walk out and offer my services as a Nutrition Coach.  I didn’t.

After about 7 years I was out in the yard one day with my son doing yard work and as I walked to the street with an armful of tree limbs…I couldn’t stand it.  I introduced myself and asked him about his running, weigh gain, etc..  I then, very gently (after asking if he wanted to hear it) explained to him how little effect that exercise had on weigh loss.  I went on to explain that making dietary changes could help in lose 4 to 5 pounds a week.   He explained to me that his mother insisted that if he exercised and took in less calories he would lose weight.  BUT he had been doing this for SEVEN YEARS and still weighed exactly the same!  I offered my services.  He declined. 

Now FIVE years later, he still runs by every morning, we say hello…he weighs exactly the same as when I saw him for the first time 13 years ago…

Maybe it’s his air conditioner. 

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