A Reader Comments of the Dangers of a Vegetarian Diet

I received this comment on my blog;

“Everyone has they’re opinion on what is right or wrong to eat? "God" speaks in the bible about what is clean and unclean to eat of that of which was provided to us. And also, the grains,fruits,etc.. Anything beyond that would be bad for you. So, it’s not what we eat or don’t eat that is detrimental or not to our health, but the man-made additives that are put into making the foods we eat so it will taste better. I do not condone the slaughter industry and the way they produce meat, however, I am not a vegetarian, but I do try to stay more vegan than meat. I’m still learning how to balance what is better, in a long run,for my health, for our bodies are not our own”.

I replied;

While I do appreciate your opinion and input, but it just so happens that humans get very sick on just eating grains and vegetables. That’s science, not religion. I have my own "belief" system when it comes to God, but I study science and nutrition. If God had not provided meat for us to eat, and the knowledge to prepare it, the human race would not have evolved this far. Since we need meat and fats to be healthy, and God has instructed us to eat well and treat out body as a temple…so we can go forth and do his work, it cannot be wrong morally for us to eat meat.

I speak from the perspective of a recovering vegetarian. I followed that way of eating for almost 25 years…because we had no clean meat to eat!  I had problems with it, it didn’t give me the right fats, I developed an allergy to EVERY SINGLE PROTEIN SOURCE associated with a vegetarian diet; SOY (after eating it for 15 years it made me start going into anaphylactic shock), DAIRY (I became seriously allergic to all dairy),  NUTS (same reaction as to soy, after eating them all my life). I also became highly sensitized to grains. I got well when I stopped eating these very common allergens. Meats, fats and meats broths have enabled me to repair my immune system. I now eat a diet that man has been evolving on for thousands of years; meat, meat stocks, vegetables and fruits.  Remember we have only been eating more grains after we stopped living as hunter-gatherers and began living in cities, somewhere around 1000 to 1100 AD>

Even though Kosher meat is killed kindly, it is not organic. Grass-fed gives me meat and fats that are clean; organic, full of life preserving, immune system building Vitamins A,D and E, and the right composition of fats.

I totally agree with the part of your statement about the additives and chemicals doing us harm. It is PART of the picture…but the most crucial nutrients that Americans are deficient in (calcium, Vitamin A and D, saturated fats) are only available in meat and fats from animals that have been raised in the sun!

So hang on to the limited diets that you are eating in the name of “a belief system”, but know that you will develop health problems and deficiencies as you age… Living on mostly carbs (grains and vegetables) will lead to obesity, a breakdown in your immune system, delicate skin that is prone to dryness and skin cancer, depression for lack of the right saturated fats and lack of energy and endurance.

Please read- The Ethics of Eating Meat by Charles Eisenstein


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