Imitation Foods …I call ‘em “Products”…

Many of ya”ll may not have been born by 1969. Those of us who were adults at that time know the extent to which the "new foods" really are imitation foods even though they are not labeled as such.

Crisco- a crappy, dangerous version of lard.

Margarine- A mix of vegetable oils chemically hardened to make it seem like butter..kinda.

Bouillon cubes- nothing like real stocks. Yucky and salty, and they sure don’t have that same mouth feel..mmmm.

Soy- one of the most dangerous foods; highly processed, too many dangers to go into here.

TV Dinners

And all the other hellish stuff that man has created and people have actually learned to like..; shake and bake chicken, TV dinners, instant mashed potatoes, Kool-aid, Hawaiian punch…eeeoooowww.  I learned to cook at a young age because my mom couldn’t…and I love great food, like at my grandmothers was filling, healthy…at my parents I was always hungry. I whined to get apple juice instead of Kool-aid, honey instead of sugar, butter instead of margarine, Roman Meal bread instead of all the white stuff. Turns out that traditional is best..that’s why it’s a tradition. Pretty basic.

And it turns out that yes, those kitchen arts that are almost lost, stock making, canning, rendering fats, soap making…doing it from scratch is best, healthiest and saves the environment…and us.  And my kids have made fun of me for loving to do things from scratch..but I love it all, paper-making, distilling flowers, making my own skin care products, using a clothesline, sewing…just has always made sense to me…and is immensely satisfying.

My next class is on Traditional Arts; Eat a Traditional Diet, How and Why, Stock and Sauce Making, Yogurt making, The Right Fats and how to use them.


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