Vegetarian Nutrition- Examined. How Coaching Can Help


Most vegetarians do not eat enough fruits and veggies and eat too much bread, grains and processed foods.

I cooked and taught vegetarian nutrition for almost 30 years before organic meat became readily available to us. Although I healed on the vegetarian diet I developed other issues because of its inadequacies. So this stage of my life I eat wheat and dairy free, lots of fruits and vegetables and I mainly depend on protein with seafood and eggs.

I had found in teaching and coaching nutrition all these years that very few people meet their nutrient needs. So course when that happens the body stores what it takes in and it makes it harder to lose weight. So only when you meet every nutrient needs can you reach Optimum Nutrition and health.

The way I offered coaching is to analyze the clients food diary for 4 to 5 days and then show them in analysis of their nutrition for each of those days. That way you can see what you’re missing and what you are getting out of the way you’re eating.
There is so much controversy and belief system wrapped around the way we eat whoever really and truly it’s not that complicated. The right healthy fats, the correct amount of protein for growth and repair, and lots of fruits and vegetables. That’s it ,that’s all we should eat everyday.

When you can see it in black and white and have someone coach you as to how to shop, how to meet your nutrient needs, how to still have a life and eat healthy, that’s when you can really start to make changes and reach a very high degree of Health. My client see major changes in just a few weeks and it is amazing to see how different people feeling look in just a month.

I Googled what a vegetarian should eat daily to meet their nutrient needs;  This menu below was very typical of what I found. I have also seen MANY vegetarian clients daily food diaries along the way.

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with fruit and flaxseeds
  • Lunch: Grilled veggie and hummus wrap with sweet potato fries
  • Dinner: Tofu banh mi sandwich with pickled slaw
Here’s the nutrient breakdown;


The highlighted part is showing the deficiencies, long term this will do harm to your health.

Hands on Coaching can help you come very close to meeting the lack of some vitamins and minerals. In this example the saturated fats are dangerously low, this affects the immune system, brain function, our ability to digest food. The mono and poly-unsaturated fats are way too high, leading to clogged arteries and sticky blood lipids.

the B Vitamins, especially B12 is way too low. This is one of the reason that many Vegetarians are tired and lack energy. Including Tofu in your diet is dangerous and is associated with brain fog, damage to the endocrine system and many types of cancer.

Notice how FEW fruits and vegetables there are in this days menu! You cannot maintain this type of nutrition long term with harming the body.

I work with clients by analyzing their daily food intake and helping them optimize their nutrition.

Reach out today to get started on a healthier lifestyle. Click here for more info-

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