Why You shouldn’t Follow “Diet” Advice on Losing Weight

Too many calories pic

PopSugar carried this article on it’s website on how to lose weight and a 7 Day Meal Plan- you can read it here-

You Don’t Have to Eat Bland, Boring Food to Lose Weight, and This 7-Day Meal Plan Is Proof

After reading the article I realized their advice was awful. So I took the first day’s meal plan and used my Nutrition Program to analyze the calories and nutrition.

Here’s their menu for the day-

Breakfast-   Pumpkin oatmeal, 2 tablespoons no-sugar-added peanut butter

Lunch-  –  Mexican stuffed peppers

Dinner-  Easy fried rice with egg

Snack-  Banana peanut butter ice cream

Notice there are a LOT of empty carbs and very little veggies, and no fruit?

The breakdown; 3875 calories!  Yikes!

19% fat-  ok

68% carbs- way too high as most of the calories come from dairy and rice (empty calories)

Protein- 13% –  too low

Only 45% of needed B12 was achieved.

Other nutrients were met but only by taking in more than twice needed calorie!

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