What Should You Eat Each Day? (Hint- more Fruits and Veggies!)

Asparagus Walnut Salad

It’s been a confusing few decades; low fat or not, are eggs healthy, what about fats, why NOT cook with olive oil?

Americans are confused. What IS great nutrition?  What about calories?  Why can’t I lose weight, I exercise a lot?

These are just a few of the question I am asked all of the time from my clients.  Americans simply do not know what they should eat each day. We have listened to the FDA for several decades telling us how to eat. First we were told that vegetarianism was the way to go. Then all we heard about for 20+ years was that we should eat low fat, avoid eggs, avoid animal fats…

NONE of which is true!

Low fat has lead us to the epidemic in cancer, depression and learning disabilities.  We are 36 in the world for infant mortality, we have an epidemic in obesity. Out life span, for the first time in our history is actually going down!

So what should you eat each day?  A moderate amount of animal fats, small amounts of vegetables oils (such as olive oils, but NEVER heated), about 4 to 6 ounces of protein at each meal and the remaining calories should all come from vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Speaking of calories, lowering calories does not make you lose weight. It makes you stay in starvation mode. Starvation mode is when your body hangs on to every single calorie you take in to try to nourish you as well as possible. Remember that mother nature just wants to keep us well nourishes long enough for us to breed. So losing weight on 1400 calories a day doesn’t work. If it did then we would all be at our recommended weight as the average American takes in only about 1400 calories a day. And a lot of those calories are not from whole, healthy foods.

So eat like our grandparents, or maybe your great grandparents did. Three healthy meals a day. Eat some raw feed with each meal, a salad or sliced tomatoes are great. Avoid grains, dairy and soy. An omelet with spinach and salsa and a bowl of fruit make a great breakfast. A high quality protein at the other two meals, a green leafy at each meal, a salad, plenty of low glycemic veggies and some fruit for snacks ate all you really need to heal, stay in great health and have plenty of energy. You need about 1700 to 2000 calories a day, depending on your size and activity level.

Stay away from foods that come in cans or boxes. Make it as fresh and organic as you can.

You can also work with me to help you make the changes, and/or use my wonderful Meal Delivery Service. Cal;l me today with questions!


Beyond-Paleo Meal Delivery Service

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