Does It Really Matter What Kind Of Eggs You Buy?

kinds of eggs nutritional difference

When it comes to eggs, there are so many options to choose from, and that can make navigating the dairy aisle a bit challenging. Between the different colors, sizes, and labels, you might be left scratching your head at the grocery store.

Don’t let this misunderstanding stop you from whipping up some eggs, as they’re loaded with benefits “All eggs are a good source of protein and vitamin D, have brain-healthy choline, some lutein for healthy eyes, and are naturally gluten-free,” says Maggie Moon, R.D.N., and author of The MIND Diet.

However, conventional eggs don’t give you a ton of extra perks beyond the basic nutritional benefits of eggs. “These eggs come from hens living in cages where they are fed food and water,” says Moon. (Oh, the ambiguity.)

If you’re worried about what’s going in your body, you might want to take a step or two up and purchase eggs with labels offering more distinctions and reassurance. “Nutritionally speaking, what the hen eats impacts the nutrition you get out of the egg,” Moon says. “There are also environmental and animal welfare issues. Depending on what’s important to you, there’s probably an egg out there for you,” she adds.

Out of all the many egg varieties, Moon recommends organic eggs. They offer a bit more protection when it comes to health, as they’ve needed to be regulated by USDA organic standards, says Moon.

“Namely, they come from hens raised on certified organic feed, are cage-free, and free-roaming,” says Moon. Getting that access to organic food can guarantee a safer egg, and the access to move around, without being contained in a cage, makes for a more humane and happier lifestyle for the chicken. What’s more, “antibiotics and growth hormones are never used,” says Moon, so you can be certain there won’t be any whacky additives.

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