Caloric Restriction Does Not Work for Weight Loss



Caloric restriction is an absurd way to try to lose weight; the body goes into starvation mode and you severely limit the nutrients you take in. this means the body, wanting to keep you alive, hangs on to everything you feed it, trying to get the nourishment it needs.
2000 calories a day, with only 25% coming from healthy low glycemic veggies and a small amount of fruit…allows the body to lose weight, about a pound a day in fact. It’s healthy to lose a pound a day if you are meeting your nutrient needs. This means no food cravings, being completely satiated at each meal, higher energy, you sleep better, look better.

Exercise has almost no effect on weight loss; you cannot exercise enough in one day to take off a pound of fat. It does keep you in shape, alleviates depression and is crucial for cardiovascular health.

Actually, Adkins was very close to right in his approach to weight loss. He just did not understand the crucial role that fats play in health and how important it is to ONLY eat organic grass fed meat.

As a Nutritionist (and Chef) my clients lose an average of a pound a day, get rid of allergies, and achieve a very high level of health and happiness. How we nourish ourselves equals how we feel and how healthy we are. It’s cause and effect. We understand the role that using high grade fuel in our cars means a clean well running engine. We miss this detail when we think of health.

I have trouble understanding how we think it’s a mystery why Americans are fat; Americans begun eating low fat 30 years ago, most people live on carbs. The average food diary I see from my clients is 1100 to 1400 calories with almost 70% coming from carbs! That is a prescription for weight gain… We need healthy fats, most of them saturated, grass fed meats, high quality food from organic sources…and to cut the carbs!

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