I’m Asking for HELP- I need Eye Surgery ASAP

Three weeks ago I had emergency eye surgery twice in one week. It was acute glaucoma, happened in a few hours. I was lucky, my vision, so far..is returning to normal quickly. I need the other eye surgery immediately.
I have had 20/800 vision all of my life, so I wear pretty thick glasses. I have two birth defects in my eyes, a very narrow lens, so when the cataract began growing it closed the angle in the eye, letting pressure build up. The ducts that allow pressure to move in and out of the eye were reversed, they fixed them…and put in a corrective lens- no glasses anymore after all this is over!!!

Another day or two and I could have lost sight in that eye…that’s why I have to get the other one done, to make surgery less risky before that eye begins to have problems. Normal pressure in the eye is 11 psi, my went to 58 psi and the first, laser surgery, only reduced it to 35. I was allergic to the drops they used to lower pressure so that made it difficult. So they did cataract surgery, replaced the lens and corrected both problems. But operating on an eye that is already inflamed was painful and risky.





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