More Horrible Advice for Diabetics

images This is absolutely ABSURD!!  Because ONE food can help lower the glucose level in the body, does NOT mean that it is a good idea to follow this ridiculous advice!.  SEVEN cups a day would severely lower the appetite, harm the lining of the stomach, lead to inability to sleep.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am fully cognizant of coffees benefits, it’s a great addition to the morning as long as it is taken in moderation (one to two cups)…but controlling or even reversing diabetes is all about eating correctly, nourishing the body, repairing the damage manifested my eating too may carbs…NOT using a LOT of coffee to treat symptoms!

This was the post;

Green Tidings

Increased coffee consumption results in a substantially reduced risk of diabetes. Coffee’s anti-diabetic benefits are dose-dependent; the more you drink, the greater your benefit (think 7+ cups of coffee a day). If you cannot or do not want to drink so much coffee, Chlorogenic acid in coffee, which is primarily responsible for its glucose-lowering effects, is also found in green coffee bean extract supplements. (Research citations in comments)

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