More Consumers Giving Up Gluten Containing Foods

The following articles was published at CNBC today.  It documents that more and more people are giving up gluten containing foods.  While much of what they say in the article is true, they commented that many doctors challenge the fact that people lose weight when they give up gluten containing foods.  They can doubt it all they want…it IS true that you lose weight when giving up these foods.

You also have more energy, brain function improves, you sleep better, you have far less inflammation and bloating, the dry patches on the back of your arms and on your thighs as well as the dryness around the crease of your nose goes away…and you lose weight.

Humans do not tolerate grains well including the ones that have gluten.  They have enzymes that are toxic to us and are almost all empty carbs.  Your carbs should come from fruits and vegetables because they have a depth of nutrients not contained in grains. 

A Paleo diet, the one followed for hundreds of thousands of years by our ancestors was only abandoned in the 50’s and 60’s for the sake of convenience and profit margin for companies manufacturing processed foods.  Giving up grains, eating plenty of healthy saturated fats and grass fed meats along with organic cage free eggs and plenty of low glycemic vegetables IS the key to great health, high energy and happiness.

Read the article on CNBC…

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