Healing From Cancer Takes Healing The Immune System…It’s That Simple

Someone posted this on Facebook this morning.  I’ve seen it going around and want to address why this approach isn’t working.


We have bumper stickers that tell us to be AWARE of cancer and to “Save the Ta-Ta’s”.  We have pink packaging on food.  We are asked to run marathons FOR cancer research. We have woman REMOVING Their breasts because they MIGHT get cancer.

Our cancer rates are off the charts, along with heart disease, diabetes, obesity, birth defects, learning disorders, depression…..

But guess what?  ALL of these conditions are caused by poor nutrition.  Malnourishment.  Americans have severely compromised immune systems due to low quality food intake.

The problem is that most people have no idea what a healthy diet is!

Common myths;

  • Low fat is healthy.
  • Red Meat is bad for you.
  • Grains, especially whole grains, are good for you.
  • Caloric restrictions works to aid in weight loss.
  • Fat makes you fat.
  • Cereal is a decent, even healthy, breakfast.
  • It’s healthy to cook with olive oil.
  • Vegetarianism is healthy and better for the planet.

Our cancer rates began to rise in the early 1960’s due to the fact that Americans had at that point continued to eat the alternative fats we were asked to use while we were were rationing food during World War 2.  Combined with the proliferation of processed foods, instant foods, eating out more often, woman beginning to work outside the house, TV becoming what we do most of the time…I could go on but you get the point.  We do not eat the diet we are meant to eat; plenty of healthy organic fats (remember they ALL used to be organic along with everything else we ate), high quality protein and mostly green leafy veggies and other low glycemic foods.

Cancer is treatable, even curable, when we repair the immune system.  That can only occur with the right nutrients, nourishing and repairing the body.  Cancer is preventable by keeping our immune system intact and that only occurs with enough of the healthy saturated fats and organic grass fed proteins our bodies need so badly.

It’s very easy; You need 2000 calories  a day.  You need a certain amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals, fiber, moisture.  The government standards for RDA- Recommended Daily Allowance- the essentials that you need for all biological functions is the minimum that you need to stay alive.  But the diet we are told to follow; lean meats, low fat, no saturated fats, whole grains, dairy foods…does not give us all of the nutrient you need to thrive, to have high energy, to stay at a normal weight, and maintain that weight, to build an immune system, to flourish.

So working backwards, looking at the optimum nourishment you can provide with what foods, here is what a perfect day looks like;

Ideal Day

•    2 or 3 whole organic, free range eggs cooked with butter (about a teaspoon or a combination of butter and the pan dripping from the bacon or sausage)
•    2 to 3 slices organic bacon or Sausage
•    Coconut Milk Yogurt
•    1 slices Ezekiel Bread
•    ½ cup Blueberries
•    Coffee or Green Tea
•    2 each chicken legs, or a chicken breast, or a steak, or a hamburger, pork chops – always cooked with coconut oil or butter.  You can save beef fat to cook or fry in and freeze it in ice cube trays
•    2 cups sautéed red cabbage and onions or Greens (spinach, broccoli, Swiss Chard, turnips, collards, Kale)
•    2 slices tomato
•    1 cup beef or chicken broth
•    8 to 10 ounces grass fed beef, bison or free range chicken, cooked with 1 T. organic virgin coconut oil or butter
•    2 cups kale or broccoli or other green LEAFY green vegetable with
•    ½ cup mushrooms, peppers and onions cooked with butter
•    ½ Sweet Potato if desired
•    1 cup beef or chicken stock

I generally have a small piece of extra dark chocolate at some point after dinner, and several cups of hot green teas during the evening. 

About once a week I make a desserts; coconut crème brulee, Almond Berry Tarts, Coconut Chocolate Chips Cookies…all gluten and lactose free, decadent, healthy because they are low in carbs, higher in fat and protein with organic butter, coconut oil or dark chocolate, coconut milk. 

Remember; Fat does NOT make you fat, it has a depth of nutrients unpatrolled in carbs and protein.  Protein does NOT make you fat, you need it to be healthy.  You need it for growth, and for repair.  You needs fats for endurance, to burn for energy.  You need some carbs for their vitamins, minerals and fiber, phytochemicals.

This diet will make you healthy, keep you healthy, repair the immune system, allow you to lose weight, lower blood pressure, reverse arthritis, help alleviate allergies,   In short; nourish you.

We have the ability to heal from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, it take nourishment, the right fats, high quality proteins and fruits and vegetables.  Real Food.

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