Buy Whole Chicken, Cut It Up Yourself- Save BIG!

Cut Chicken with Scissors

I found a great new website today, A Life In Food, and wanted to share both the site and a way to SAVE A LOT OF MONEY on chicken. Most people I know do not know how to cut up a whole chicken, or feel it’s too much of a hassle.  But the money you can save is substantial!   I can buy a whole organic chicken for 12.00 to 14>00 (on sale for less if you watch for them!).  Buying two organic chicken breasts is usually about 8.00!  Yikes!   PLUS, when I buy the whole bird, I get fat to cook with, bones to make stocks and innards to either use in stocks or fry..or to feed my cat.

How to Portion a Whole Chicken in FIVE Minutes with Scissors!

You can portion a whole chicken in 5 minutes using just a pair of kitchen scissors (poultry shears are unnecessary unless you’re crunching through bones, which you don’t need to do).

Here’s a picture guide:

This is a great way to save money on buying individual portions, and if you ever find that there are only whole chickens left in the store, this way you can still get the portions you need for a recipe.

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