The Whole Soy Story, by Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN

Just Eat Real Food

THE WHOLE SOY STORY blows the lid off nutritional dogma!
Soy is NOT a miracle food.
Soy is NOT the answer to world hunger.
Soy is NOT a panacea.

Soy has NOT even been proven safe.
Hundreds of epidemiological, clinical and laboratory studies link soy to:
Digestive distress
Thyroid dysfunction
Cognitive decline
Reproductive disorders
Birth defects
Immune system breakdown
Heart disease
Isn’t it time you learned the truth about soy that scientists know, that you need to know and that the soy industry has tried to suppress? The Whole Soy Story presents and interprets the often contradictory evidence on soy and disease to determine what studies are valid, which justify hope, which are mere hype – and why.
Do YOU need to read The Whole Soy Story?

YES! If you are one of the two hundred million Americans who is eating soy foods whether you like it or not…
YES! If you are a concerned parent who wants to know whether soy formula is good for your infants and whether soy foods are good for your children…
YES! If you are a homemaker or dietitian who thinks the price is right but wonder how “the bean supreme” stacks up against meat nutritionally…
YES! If you are a vegetarian who is not enjoying radiant good health and have begun questioning whether the “meat without a bone” is as good at taking care of their nutritional needs…
YES! If you are one of the millions of Americans at risk for cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and painful menopausal symptoms who wonder if it is true that soy might offer protection…
YES! If you are one of millions of people afflicted with those diseases who wonder if soy might offer a cure…
YES! If you are one of the millions of people suffering from diagnosed or as yet undiagnosed thyroid disease who fears that soy might be the cause…
YES! If you are a baby boomer who has heard that soy is the dietary fountain of youth…
YES! If you an environmentalist who is alarmed by the growing numbers of estrogens and estrogen mimickers in the environment and have begun to wonder about the phytoestrogens in soy…
The Whole Soy Story, by Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN



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