Cooking with Olive Oil Is NOT Healthy!


A local nutritionist posted an article today claiming that her recipe for Shrimp Scampi was actually “healthy”.  

Um, actually, Shrimp Scampi is already very healthy if you use real butter that is organic.

This idea that we should be cooking with vegetable oils started when we Americans started eating low fat and we became terrified of saturated fats.  BUT if the saturated fats we are eating are from organically grown of grass fed animals…then it is not only healthy, it is crucial for our health!  Saturated fats contain the depth of nutrition we need for ALL biological functions, to build an immune system, for brain health, as an anti-depressant, to regulate hormone production…I could go on and on about the benefits of these crucial fats. 

But the bottom line on cooking with vegetable oils (corn, canola, olive, peanut…) is that it is DANGEROUS to heat them!  They become rancid and oxidized as well as harmed by heat.  When you heat vegetable oils they get sticky. Remember when you get the pan and oil too hot and it becomes one with the pan..sticky and hard to get out? 

It does the same when it is in your arteries, leading to clumping of cholesterol!  But heat butter and you can pan sear and sauté on higher heat with no adverse effects to the fats.

So make that Scampi with organic butter, use butter at each meal along with coconut oil, beef fat, chicken fat…just make then organic!  And skip the pasta to make it low carb…so that’s it’s good for you!

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