Stop Growing a Lawn…Just STOP IT!!


Lawns in the U.S. cover more than 50,000 square miles of soil and consume more chemicals than all those used in U.S. food related agriculture combined. Maintaining lawns involves mowing, watering, and often fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides, that contribute to the watershed pollution.

Lawns in the U.S. also consume approximately 270 billion gallons of water a week — enough to water 81 million acres of organic vegetables- and all of this water is expensive.   From TreeHugger.

My motto; If I can’t eat it I’m not watering it.  My dish water and rinse water from washing dishes as well as from the shower (I keep a 5 Gallon bucket in there for the water that runs off of me…just use organic soaps) and then water the flowers…Water from the rain barrels water all the veggies and herbs…

One Comment on “Stop Growing a Lawn…Just STOP IT!!”

  1. Lucy Ochoa says:

    I love your motto! 😊 Water is getting so expensive and we need to make people aware of the many ways you can save water. Thanks Criterion Living!!


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