Absurd American Cancer Society Ad

Cancer Fears the Walker

So…I guess their logic is that ALL that cancer research funded by all those people walking for cancer is going to strengthen someone’s immune system. eh?

We know how to cure cancer, we know how to prevent cancer.  It’s very simple.  Repair or maintain an intact immune system.  Here’s how;

Minimize carbs (yes, ALL carbs, even from fruits and veggies) make them no more than 20% of your daily caloric intake.  Lean heavily toward green leafy veggies, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, dark colored berries, peppers.

Get plenty of fat!   This is crucial. The right fats contain nutrients that help build an immune system.  A cow that has been in the sun for a few years has soaked up all that Vitamin A and D from the sun…you need these specific fats to nourish you.  Minimize vegetable oils, NEVER heat or cook with them…and I do mean olive oil as well as any other veggie oils.  Eat the foods that these oils come in; avocado, olives, sesame…that way the oils are fresh, not rancid.  As soon as the fat molecules in liquid oils are exposed to oxygen they are rancid.   This makes them carcinogenic.  Then heating them further damages them, making them more toxic to the body.

Eat ONLY grass fed or organic meat.  This is so important that even though a vegetarian diet is not healthy and does not meet all of your nutrient needs that if you are going to eat feed lot meat then you are better of being a vegetarian. Feed lot meat is simply too toxic, contains antibiotics and growth hormones and lacks the right type of fats to build an immune system.

You can prevent cancer, or heal cancer…by changing your nutrition, truly meeting your nutrient needs and feel incredibly different along the way. By eating correctly you can all of the energy you need to zip through every day, wake up raring to go and reaching your correct weight.  All on 2000 calories a day.

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