No Room for a Garden? Build up!

From Apartment Therapy


Millie; Not just on roofs!  You can use your fence or patio for Vertical Gardening.  I use the pillars on my front porch for growing morning glories and cucumbers..

If lack of yard space is preventing you from having a garden this spring, a roof garden may be the perfect solution. While it might seem intimidating to set up, the outcome is not only beautiful but also ripe with benefits including rain water management, temperature moderation and space to grow food.

If you think a roof garden is right for you, Natural Home and Garden offers detailed instructions on the building and maintenance of these beautiful home additions.

A rooftop garden typically includes six layers: the roof, a waterproof barrier, insulation, drainage/root barrier, substrate and vegetation.

One Comment on “No Room for a Garden? Build up!”

  1. Julie Riebe says:

    Fortunately, I have plenty of space to garden. But I absolutely love the roof garden photos. Not so sure my husband would, though!


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