Malabar Spinach Seedlings…

The cold got my Malabar spinach, but not 3 weeks ago I had put the berries I had gotten off of it in between wet paper towels.  They didn’t sprout for a week or two so I sat them on top of the grow lights. Frankly, I forgot about them.

But when I realized my plant was dead I had an immediate aha!  The sprouts, maybe!  And sure enough…they had sprouted and were robust;

Malabar Spinach Sprouts

Malabar Spinach Sprouts 2

Will go in waiting grow buckets…sub-irrigated containers.  They’ll twine and crawl up the tomato cage and look like this;

Malabar Spinach 8.26

A beautiful plant and the leaves are edible, slightly mucagenic, but good sautéed in butter with garlic and caramelized onions with a hint of nutmeg and black pepper.

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