My eBooks Coming Soon

I am on the home stretch of writing my new book, actually two new books.

Criterion Diet is a 30 Day Guide to how to quickly change the way you feel, lose approximately 20 pounds if needed, get rid of allergies and have substantially more energy. It is based on a Traditional Human Diet of 2000 calories a day that meets all of your nutrient needs. Caloric restriction is a theory that just doesn’t work when it comes to weight loss, you lose weight faster when the body is well nourished.

The book is in a 4 Week Format; a quick introduction and overview, and a week by week menu plan broken down daily with recipes and shopping list.

imageThe Criterion Kitchen Toolbox is a guide to setting up a kitchen.  It is broken into 3 parts; a bare bones, just what you need to cook for yourself, what to add to it as you can, and the ideal kitchen set up.

For each piece of equipment or utensil I give three recommendation; least expensive but good quality for the price, a moderate choice and the ideal.  I give links on where to find the items and prices as well as my recommendations and why.

look for these book right around the Holidays and let them help you go into the New Year looking and feeling great!

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