Carbs is Carbs

Blueberries I read an article in the NY Times last week that reported that even products labeled sugar free can raise your blood sugar.  That is true, because the the sugar alcohols used, which are nether sugar nor alcohol. 

But it got me to thinking about carbs, and how most Americans get most of thier calories from carbs.  Hence, the obesity, diabetes, learning disorders, cancers, immune system disorders..   In other words; malnourishment.   Carbs, without the right amounts of fats and high quality proteins to accompany them wear out our pancreas, keep us craving carbs…never feeling satisfied because it is impossible to get the depth of nutrition that we get from the right fats and high quality protein.

When we say carbs in this country most people think of grains; bread, pasta..or sugars.  But fruits and vegetables are 95% carbohydrate.  And even though they are not empty carbs, (like a donut, or rice)…they do have a lot of nutrients, too many of them are bad for you.   Only 20% of your calories a day should come from carbohydrates; low glycemic vegetables, dark in color, rich in nutrients, a tiny amount of in season fruit, plenty of green leafy veggies, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes.  Fruit with depth of color; blueberries, black berries.  

Too many carbs, even from fruits and vegetables, cause harm to the body.  They make the panaceas work too hard, blood sugar goes up and down, the body loses the ability to regulate blood sugar.  Without the fats that help us properly digest the fruits and vegetables, regulate our hormones,  control our appetites, have proper brain function we cannot ever be well nourished.   Too many carbs contribute to elevated LDL levels.  So do heated or rancid vegetable oils.  Once outside of the food they came in they are no longer fit for human consumption, they oxidize, causing free radical production in the body.  In other words, aging us too quickly.

You hear a LOT of hoopla nowadays about anti-oxidants.   They come in pills, drinks…and fruits and veggies. In fact, ALL fruits and veggies have them.   So eating a moderate amount, 20% a day of your calories gives you all the anti-oxidants you need.  But too many veggies and fruits raises your need for them because of the damage done by too many carbs!

Notice that I have not mentioned grains as a part of a nutritious diet.  They are not.  They are devoid of nutrients, have an abundance of opioids (yes, morphine type derivatives),.  They are indeed a relaxant. and we crave them…..boy do we crave them!   They are addictive,  Americans live on them, vegetarians depend on them as a mainstay in thier diet.  

We need to eat like the cave men did; plenty of high quality organic fats, grass meats, free range chickens and eggs, rich, healthy organic butter and coconut oil, with organic fruits and veggies.  Notice this is all WHOLE FOOD, not “products”. 

Try it for a month, watch what happens.

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