A Grain Based Diet is Dangerous for Diabetes…and the Rest of Us!

fiberA few days ago I had a young man ask me about the carb count in the food I was servings to him, but something in the way he said it made me quickly glance up…he looked frightened.  Something didn’t compute…he was about 6’ 2”, in perfect physical shape, young, about 24 or so. I asked’ “You have a blood sugar problem”?

He replied, “ I was just released  from Mayo this morning, I was taken to the hospital when I passed out, they said I have diabetes.  I asked him what they had told him to eat and how to manage it. As he told me the answer I started getting madder and madder.  “They told me”, he said, “ To eat the same foods I am eating now but to eat half the amount!”   I was incredulous. He said, his face becoming animated, “But I’m sooo hungry”!    When asked what he had for breakfast that morning at the hospital, he told me he had had half of an English Muffin with margarine, half a bowl of oatmeal with 2% milk, and a fruit cup!  ALL CARBS, the wrong fats, toxic milk, a fruit cup with high fructose corn syrup!

As I explained to him how excess carbs and the wrong fats, and lack of fats had gotten him to where he was today…it dawned on him..they were creating a patient for life.  I told him my experiences when doctors had told me they were not interested in teaching people to get well to the degree that I did, that they didn’t have time and that they would lose out on income.

So I went on with the conversation, explaining about organic meat, grass fed beef, coconut oil…and why…he just grinned, “I can eat, I don’t have to try to be hungry the rest of my life!” 

I obtained a flyer from the company Sanofi Aventis, clearly a company who makes pharmaceuticals..although it never mentions that on the flyer,  The accompanying flyer was an advertisement for Insulin.

Here’s the Diet they recommended for a diabetic;

Breakfast; white egg omelet with low fat cheese, spinach, onions, a slice of whole wheat toast, 1 teaspoon light margarine spread, 2/3 cup light yogurt, half a grapefruit and coffee with artificial sweetener.

The Nutrition breakdown;

229 calories- woefully inadequate, he should be getting a third of his calories for the day!

30% of his calories were from fat-  too low.

23% of calories were from protein-  too low.

And 47% of his calories were from CARBOHYDRATES!  No wonder they recommend this diet along with the insulin…he’s gonna need it!   Plus he has gotten 17% of needed calcium, 7% of needed iron…this isn’t looking good for his health. He took in 41 mg. of Vitamin C, kinda scary. And he took in 438 IU. of Vitamin A..you need 50,000 a DAY!   And it is easily gotten through diet alone.

Next; Lunch; 2 slices rye bread, 2 ounces turkey, 2 slices tomato, low fat cheese, light mayonnaise, small apple and a diet beverage!   I swear, it really says that!

Lunch was 367 calories- kinda puny..and who eats 2 ounces of meat on a sandwich? 

19% was from fat-  way too low.

23% was from protein-  are you seeing a pattern here…since these too numbers are always too low…guess what that does to the carb percentages?  You guessed it!

Carbs were 58% of this intake.  Eeeekkk!   No way to handle diabetes, and a good way to develop diabetes. 

He did get 59 mg of Vitamin C, big whoop.  And 2638 IU of Vitamin A, far short still of that 50,000.  He took in 14% of needed calcium, and along with the inadequate Vitamin C…no or low absorption of calcium…which he’s not getting enough of anyway.

So lets look at the whole day,. Dinner was 3 OUNCES of broiled salmon with 2 teaspoons canola oil, a whole wheat dinner roll. mixed greens with olive oil, 2/3 cup brown rice and a packet of sugar free chocolate pudding. 

This poor man had 1200 calories. I’d starve to death.  29% was from fat, too low for good health and most of high fats were monounsaturated fats, those fats that make cholesterol stick together in the arteries, leads to heart disease, have no nutrition in them, are rancid and unsafe to ever heat at all.

18% of his calories were from protein, too low.  And carbs were at 53%.  They should be between 15 and 20% for healthy individuals, which is also ideal for diabetics…doesn’t THAT make sense?

But let’s take a look at the nutrition; the vitamins and minerals he got this day;

122 mg of Vitamin C for the whole day!  Dismal.

4271 IU of Vitamin A, we need 50,000 to 75,000 from our diet each day.

He took in 54% of needed calcium…(he’ll need Boniva, Lipitor and then Viagra…)


He took in 51% of needed Iron.

And the FDA, the American Heart Association, the Diabetic Association will tell you this is good nutrition.

It’s a joke, and it pisses me off. They lie to sell drugs, keep the doctors offices and hospitals full. It’s time we all got mad and gave feedback about the way you have been duped into thinking that these illnesses “just happen”…they are preventable!

But not with the FDA approved “diet”.


2 Comments on “A Grain Based Diet is Dangerous for Diabetes…and the Rest of Us!”

  1. Nicole says:

    Hey nice blog ill be sure to keep coming back to read some more.

    Come visit my blog too i got some neat tips all about diet and weight loss.


  2. Jude says:

    Clearly they don’t even LOOK at the patient, firstly to determine if it’s type 1 or type 2 and secondly to determine basal metabolism.

    That would be a start, then (and this is SO important as we both know) they could consider getting away from the patronizing policy statements and get caught up with current nutritional research – on BEHALF of their patients.

    I get mad, really mad, too; they’re killing patients, slowly enough that they can be obtuse about the direct connection.


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