Takeoutwithout: Refuse, Retake and Reconsider

From Treehugger

by Lloyd Alter, Toronto on 01.25.10


Americans toss out enough paper and plastic cups, forks and spoons every year to circle the equator 300 times, and K.B. Lee is trying to do something about it. He has founded Takeoutwithout to convince restaurants to encourage and accommodate people who bring their own containers.

Borden Communications and Design, a firm specializing in "eco-logical" services, put together the snappy graphics. TOWO has its own 3Rs, as explained by Ellen Moorhouse in the Star:

Refuse (Do you really need all of those straws, plastic cutlery and napkins?); Retake (Bring your own containers, cups and bags.); and Reconsider (Take a look at your eating habits, and maybe, like Lee, make some changes.)

It is a new campaign, where they are inviting restaurants to encourage people to bring their own containers (many resist, worried about health and safety) and urging patrons to cut back. It is perhaps a good first step, although I would rather see deposits on everything and producer responsibility.

Retake and Reconsider: Two more to add to our seven R’s. One might also try the 25 Take-Out Foods You Can Make at Home For Cheaper

But if you can’t do that, at least try to bring your own. More at Takeoutwithout

I say; take a glass jar, get a Wrap n Mat from Reusablebags.com, get some Stainless steel jars, cloth napkins…stop eating fast food.

Join the Slow Food Revolution!!!  Think Traditional Human Diet with no fast food, nothing in cans or boxes, whole foods…chickens, veggies, butter, fats, fruits, grass fed beef.  Compost what you don’t use, make great soil, grow more veggies…no waste….

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