According to, researchers from Finland are claiming that tomatoes fertilized with urine show a four-fold increase in crop yields. And it doesn’t end there – the same tomatoes also showed higher beta-carotene than unfertilized ones, and much more protein than traditionally fertilized plants. A panel of (presumably unsqueamish) blind tasters also attested to the fact that the flavor was just as good too.

In a way it’s no surprise – studies have already shown that urine in the garden is a good thing, and Josh has given us some guidance on how to garden with pee. But a four-fold increase in fruits?! That’s huge.

And for those wondering why I’m mixing urine with charcoal – there’s some evidence to suggest that DIY biochar can help retain nutrients for longer, and it can also provide a habitat for important microorganisms. I’ll let you know if it works out for me.

Here’s how to fertilize with urine;

When you use urine fertilizer in your garden, make sure to use the urine as soon as you make it. Old urine won’t keep. It will go bad. Don’t apply the urine to the leaves of the plants. The urine needs to go in the soil around it.

If you find yourself, with too much urine, you can always put the urine on the compost pile. It’s the best compost activator there is!

If you have been reading my blog long, you know I use a sawdust toilet and use high heat composting to break it down.  You can read about that here;

Yellow is the New Green


I use a sawdust toilet, and use this Tupperware pitcher for a urinal.  It is easy to use and then I empty it into the compost bin (it’s the best compost activator there is!)

pitcher Or you can get any flat (slim line) pitcher.  It fits easily under the sink, out of site.  I marked where I fill it to, then where an 1 to 8 ratio is when diluted with water…and water my inside and outside plants.

Here is a great site for learning more about all this;  Humanure Handbook

Read also Pee in the Shower, Save your Rivers

2 Comments on “Pee-Cycling”

  1. Timbo says:

    Stii not convinced to pee on my garden!


  2. love the pee info. makes total sense! after all the earth and it’s inhabitants are a single organism.


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