Champion Juicers

I’ve been doing more juicing lately, again.  I find it’s a great way to get more greens, as long as you are including some type of fat with them.  Saturated fats, such as coconut oil or coconut milk, allow you to assimilate the nutrients. Saturated fats play a crucial role in digestion, as well as the immune system and all biological functions in our bodies.

Today I made carrot, apple, pear, celery, turmeric and ginger.  I was at the computer most of the day (arrgghhh!)..but needed a pick me up late afternoon.  I was thinking about coffee, but decided on juicing instead.  After the energy buzz from the juice I got a lot done and finished blogging. 

My Champion juicer, yes…it’s avocado green, is still going strong after all these years.  I bought it in 1977 and it has never failed me in any way.  Those new black ones look amazing. However, the Champion juicer still costs the same as when I bought one- $279.00 online.    How many products can you say that about?


It also makes great sorbets, it homogenizes, makes great shaved ice, and is a continuous feed juicer…so no stopping to clean. I can turn it on and juice 50 pounds of carrots!

Juicing is a great way to amp up nutrients, especially when you are slammed for time during the day…or tend to not slow down to eat.  But, ideally, you will drink them in addition to healthy meals!