Beyond-Paleo is Now Pescatarian!

Vegetable Ramen with Zucchini NoodlesGreens and  Roasted VeggiesSalmon with Sweet  Curry Dry Rub

Thirty-Six years ago I started my Meal Delivery Service offering a Macrobiotic diet. I was newly divorced with a toddler and a nursing baby and a friend offered to let me take over her cooking service. I was involved with a group who met at the Granary Health Food Store in Orange Park once a week for meals. I accepted her offer and my clientele grew to thirty clients within a few months. At that point the owner of the Granary loaned me money to expand and I bought equipment and added a prep person and never looked back!

I was still on a search to figure out my health problems. I had had arthritis for years, I had been on medication for spastic colitis for 17 years and no one could give me any answers as to what was going on. Everybody told me I was eating healthy and just needed to keep doing that but that they had no answers for me. One doctor told me to eat lots of cheese and jello. I quickly learned that macrobiotics was not a great thing as it was primarily grain based and that definitely fed into the systemic yeast problem I had.

I transitioned off macrobiotic and went to offering a vegetarian diet that was lactose and gluten free. I did this for years. During this time, as I had since I was 15, I have studied nutrition. As there was no internet at the time I meant doctors who helped me study and gave me feedback as well as getting borrowing privileges from the universities in the town I live in. I also met someone during this time he started urging me to go off of Wheat and dairy. I didn’t see how that was possible and need a vegetarian diet and unfortunately my allergies kept getting worse. I finally added Seafood to my diet and started backing off on grains and went completely lactose in dairy-free. I finally got well. I have continued to research is slowly widened out to a more traditional diet the found that I felt better staying more grain based. I finally went back to a Pescatarian diet. Although my meal delivery service had been a traditional foods diet including meat I’m finding that my clientele has been moving more toward plant-based. So I am going back to a Pescatarian diet. It promotes long-term wellness; it includes seafood and fish, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds. You get all the benefits of vegetarian lifestyle but it includes lots of mega 3 fats which makes it far healthier than a plain vegetarian diet.

While I am aware that we need to be careful about not overfishing our oceans, we also need to take care of our own health if we are going to survive as a species and flourish. We humans absolutely have to have saturated fats, it is a building block of health and helps our immune system, our brains and our ability to absorb nutrients. I cook with ghee primarily because it gives us a depth of vitamin A D and E along with the mega fats from fish can meet our needs for the fats we need.

The price for food is getting scary, the impact a food production on our climate means that we should lean Almost 100% to work real food and not products. Having a moderate amount of non-gluten grains, Seafood, with a lot of fruits and vegetables including a good bit of raw food can meet our needs and balance taking care of our Earth.

My 40 Years of nutrition research, coupled with my extensive experience in cooking vegetarian food means the meals that I cook are flavorful and offer a great deal of variety. I have made a living cooking for Indian families, I’ve worked publicly as a chef offering Caribbean and Southwestern food. I cook several different styles a South American food as well as having extensive experience in cooking Japanese and Chinese food. It is hard to eat on a day-to-day basis depending or just standard American fare. While I offer a good bit of American food I also include a lot of different Cuisines giving you plenty of variety and taste.

I am very excited to be going back to offering a Pescatarian diet. I urge you to try the service and see if it’s something that fits for you.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have.

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