Skin Care- Anti-Aging Skin Care, How To’s and Product Recommendations

I began studying skin care in my teens. I was interested in how to treat my teenage acne and the science of skin care. In my early twenties I read about a company called Redken, and though their products were not available widely I liked what they had to say about maintaining the PH of the skin and not stripping it of it’s natural oils. At that time there was very little info on the science of skin care, even less on how to care for our skin naturally.

Redken came out in the early 70’s with their PH  balanced mild bar of soap for your face. Their advice to help not strip our skin of it’s natural oils was to rinse our face in the water we had washed with, as it contained oils from our skin. This did not make sense to me, I wanted my facial skin clean, not rinsed in washing water. SO I began studying skin care, looking for mild products that were effective. I tried Kiss My Face soap, it was too strong, made my face tight and dry. And even though my skin was oily it made it oilier. I tried and couldn’t find anything I was happy with. I ended up using Clinique and Lancôme for a while, and while they were effective I didn’t like all of the chemicals. My sister gave  e a book on making my own beauty products and I was off to the races!  I learned to make soap, I made them with olive oil and used Apple Cider vinegar as a toner. Still just ok. Slowly more and more products were coming out that were organic. Skin care, along with makeup, that was available in health food stores were clean, but not very good. They were too oily, too heavy. I discovered it when I was pregnant with my daughter, Rachel and used it exclusively while I was pregnant. It was the first mineral make-up I ever found.

Skip forward to 1996 and my daughter Rachel was going to school to become an esthetician. We saw the first articles about the link between breast cancer and Parabans. Even the health food store brands had this ingredients and they began scrambling to reformulate. I could not find a cleanser that didn’t have it. At this point I had been using Cetaphil cleanser for a long time because it was very mild. But it wasn’t strong enough to remove makeup well. SO I decided to formulate a cleanser myself. For months I studied formulating (it’s not such a stretch form being a Chef!) I started by studying ingredients. This was the cleanser I made and I have been using it ever since. It has honey as it’s main ingredient, with baking soda as an exfoliator, a very small amount of Dr. Bonner’s soap, almond oil, geranium oil, evening primrose oil and water.  I still used it until last year, when it became a little strong for me, so I reformulated it without the baking soda. I have been using Retin-A since I was forty years old and found as I aged my skin was more sensitive and was dryer.

That Honey Cleanser is available- Honey Cleanser

About this same time mineral makeup burst on the scene and I discovered Jane Iredale. Pricy but amazing quality. I also discovered Evan’s Garden. They are a small Company in Clearwater, FL that makes small batch skin care and make-up. I LOVE her Skincare for Mature Skin. I have used her Crème Rose for day and Ma Juennesse for night as moisturizers ever since!

This new blog topic is going to cover the science of skin care, with a focus on organic products, and I mean truly natural and organic…not the stuff full of glycerin and  silicones that are out there today claiming to be all natural. I will review and cover makeup as well as skin care products and I will share my skin care regimen as well as the makeup I use. We will talk about why silicone sand glycerin are horrible for our skin, and the right was to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and nourish as well as how to protect our skin.

It is imperative to not just cleanse our skin with clean ingredients but to truly nourish our skin. Of course the best thing we can do for our skin is be healthy, active and well nourished. We will cover what foods to avoid for great skin, how to combat the things that ages our skin, and how to care for it as we age.

My first blog post will be about the dangers of glycerin and silicones, how to avoid them and the products I use that do not have them.

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