Why you Can’t Meet Your Nutrient Needs on a Vegan Diet

Someone posted on FB today that she was horribly hungry no matter how much she ate on a vegan diet.  I experienced the same thing on a vegan and a vegetarian diet that I followed for 30 years.  I even went into therapy as a chronic over eater!  Turns out I was hungry because I was MALNOURISHED!  You cannot meet all of your nutrient needs on a vegan diet. You =can get closer on a vegetarian diet, bit not completely.

I went to 4 different sites online to see what they had to say about the subject. I took their recommendations for a daily intake on a vegan diet. They CLAIMED that these were 2000 a day meal plans!

Let me show you what I found!

Here was their suggestion;


When I plugged this info in to my Nutrition Program here was the results!

First of all it added up to 2980 CALORIES!!   AND at 52% calories from carbs it’s an easy way to gain weight. It also suggests a serving of soy in the form of Tempeh. Soy is highly toxic to the human body.  The other protein sources were beans and nuts.  These foods should be eaten in b=very limited amounts. The beans means you will always have gas, a sign of undigested food in the colon. This is a prescription for a clogged colon and an over growth of yeast.

So even at almost 3000 calories, did this way of eating meet your nutrient levels ?


First lets look at fats;

image  This pattern of eating WAY more ply and mono-unsaturated fats is the main reason so many recovering vegans have high blood pressure!   75% of the fats we take in each day need toi be saturated; coconut oil, butter or ghee (for the whopping amount of Vitamins in it!)   The entire immune system depends of saturated fat, so does hormone production, keeping the body hydrated, cell wall integrity, brain health.  You cannot produce a baby with a decent IQ without saturated fats.  Our low fat diets have lead to an epidemic in learning disorders and depression.

This high calorie intake only met 85& of calcium needs.

It only gave you 88% of Vitamin A

It only gave you 14% of Vitamin B12. YIKES!

And only 90% of niacin.

AND Zero Cholesterol.   Cholesterol is important in the diet as it is your best defense to aging!

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