Vegan Diets ARE NOT Healthy!


I read an article this week about what a “Nutritionist” had to say about what vegans should eat.  She gave a list of exactly what vegans should eat each day.  So I took her data and plugged it in to my Nutrition Software. Here is the results!

While what was listed DID meet the human need for nutrients it DID SO because her suggestions added up to 5253 CALORIES IN ONE DAY!  

Yes, you read that correctly!  And at 70% calories from carbohydrates you can see why so many vegans are overweight and/or unhealthy.  The scariest statistic shows that mono and poly-unsaturated fats were WAY TOO HIGH!  This leaves saturated fats very low.  Saturated fats should be 75% of the fats we take in each day!  Most vegans and vegetarians develop high blood pressure as they get older.

Calories from fats and proteins are way too low, that’ is due to most of the calories coming from carbs.  Also almost all of the carbs were from grains- empty calories! Don’t believe me?  Turn over that box of oatmeal, or rice…and read the nutrient list!

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