Roasted Red Pepper Baba Ganoush

Image result for roasted red pepper baba ganoush

1     large eggplant

8     ounce jar of roasted red pepper, not in oil

1     cup black olives

1     Tablespoon Roasted or fresh tahini

        Handful of fresh basil

½      teaspoon dried basil

¼      teaspoon dried thyme

1      Tablespoon  Dijon Mustard

1      Tablespoon    balsamic vinegar

1/3   teaspoon garlic granules

         Salt and pepper to taste

Roast eggplant in oven until it implodes, about an hour at 350º. You can microwave it also, but I tend to cook in the oven more. I bake them when I roast a chicken, with whole sweet potatoes, all in the same roasting pan.

Remove meat from eggplant and place in food processor. Buzz briefly. Add all ingredients except olives and peppers. Blend, leaving it chunky. Then add veggies and buzz a few times, leaving the olives and peppers in pieces, NOT Blended.

Then add the basil and barely buzz until it looks chucky and still colorful.

This is great on chips, rice crackers, Ezekiel toast points, carrots, celery.

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