Garden Update

Finally!   I have finally been able to get back in the garden. Many of you know I have had 6 eye surgeries in the last two years, lots of time I couldn’t dig in the dirt or simply didn’t have the time or energy. But now that I am well and feeling way better, I’ve been loving getting it all back in shape!

IMG_20160511_200710_745Patio garden is fully planted, turmeric just starting to come up!  Pineapple doing well.  The garden right behind the wrought iron has graviola, ginger, turmeric, sunflowers, scallions.


May 15 2016Kitchen garden; turmeric in foreground, medicinal hibiscus, scallions, pineapp0les, onions, scallions, rosemary, cilantro, basil, yarrow, ginger and beets…so far!


IMG_20160511_200752_876Graviola, for making bloodroot tincture. 

IMG_20160511_200853_395Yarrow blooming, turmeric coming up.  I love watching the new leaves unfurl.

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