Diet Soda’s Aspartame Associated with Cardiovascular Issues, Brain Tumors, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and Kidney Function Decrease

Image: Diet soda’s Aspartame now associated with cardiovascular issues in addition to brain tumors, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and kidney function decrease

Are you still thirsty? Or just addicted to this toxic chemical? Well, here’s another reason why you ought to refuse to pour this poison cocktail down your esophagus.

According to an article in Collective Evolution, researchers at the University of Iowa have been taking another look at aspartame, although I really don’t know why they need any more proof of it’s toxicity.  It was kept off the market until 1981, thanks to the consumer advocate and lawyerJames Turner.

60,000 women took part in the research and here’s what they found:

“… Women who consumed two or more diet drinks a day are 30 percent more likely to experience a cardiovascular event, and 50 percent more likely to die from a related disease.”

Of course the folks who created this study have merely called for more research:

“‘It’s too soon to tell people to change their behavior based on this study; however, based on these and other findings we have a responsibility to do more research to see what is going on and further define the relationship, if one truly exists,’ says Dr. Ankur Vyas, because ‘This could have major public health implications.’”

Hmmm. The major health implication of these neurotoxins were pointed out over four decades ago. Since it was ole Donald Rumsfeld who commandeered this poison into the food supply, a quote from the liar himself might be appropriate.

That aspartame is a toxic poison is what Donald would call a “known known”, don’t you think?

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