New Years Resolutions? Begin with Nutrition! And a January Special for Meal Delivery Service

Chillin'I know everyone usually vows to do everything on their list, that looong list we all have…those vows to get it together in all areas of our lives.  But as most of us have discovered at this stage of our lives, the best indicator of what we will do is what we have done.

So, this year I have undertaken one area of my life to improve upon.  this will allow me to not feel overwhelmed or disappointed when life happens and I slip. I’ll just get up and do better the next day.

There is one area of your life that could always need improving upon and that is our nutrition. We are all rushed, we don’t take time to cook…and our health suffers.

So vow to make one change each month, maybe stop eating gluten, or stop grabbing junk food in place of a meal. This will begin a detox, go with it. Your energy will improve, you’ll sleep better. And this will impact your while life!

If you haven’t orders in three months, take 10% off of your meals for January orders!


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