Using Microgreens in your Diet


I posted this week about the nutritional benefits of microgreens. They contain 4 to 10 times the nutrition as sprouts or their full grown versions.

Many people suggest that you use them in salads or to cook with.  I think the best way of using them are in smoothies.  You can eat more of them and you are not exposing them to heat.  They are easy to grow yourself in the kitchen window or for families, under grow lights.

I will begin selling trays of these microgreens soon by making them available for delivery on the Meal Delivery Service.  Look for the addition to the weekly menu in your email.

3 Comments on “Using Microgreens in your Diet”

  1. Gregg Myer says:

    Jacksonville is the luckiest place on earth to have this skilled food artist and culinary wizard. Ms. Barnes has made good-for-you foods taste great where your tongue will dance like Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse to the tunes of the Gershwins. When it come to cookin, the girl’s got rhythm and she’s a wonderful person to boot.


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