How Toxic is your Mattress…and Your House?


I sleep on an organic cotton and wool futon, with a thick feather mattress on top…not only is it completely non-toxic, but is as soft as a cloud. My sheets are organic cotton, my blankets are organic cotton, my pillows and comforter are down and cotton.  My rug is 100% wool. my floors are wood, my walls are stucco. not sheet rock. 

When I woke up with hives and began going into shock 15 years ago, it took a lot of detective work to figure out that I had developed a latex allergy.  Up til then I thought I had been living a fairly non-toxic lifestyle; organic veg diet, all natural “products”, all natural clothing.  It took me two years of living on double doses of prescription Zertec and monthly rounds of steroids to figure it out.  I got a break when I went sailing of of the coast of Venezuela for 10 days, not wearing clothes, running out of fresh fruit since we were buoyed near a tiny island. My symptoms went away.  I came home, went to yoga class, broke out in hives.  3 days later I ate a banana, same thing.  Then the light bulb went off!  Bananas and latex are related!  Aha!   I’d figured it out!   I moved into a house with no carpets, threw away and replaces a LOT of products, all the ones that had latex!   Bathmat, toothbrush, stretch sheets, bras, underwear, yoga clothing, roller blading equipment, my bed, my couch…the list went on and on. Car seats had to be covered, I couldn’t drive in traffic because of the rubber particulates in the air.  Then there were the foods that cross reacted; wheat, soy, tropical fruit…

I’m happy to say that over the next few years I healed, I am now only mildly reactive to latex, but I am careful about exposure.  My home is non-toxic.  The saturated fats in my diet have allowed me to heal, along with a lot of healthy grass fed meats, plenty of veggies, juicing.  Over exposure to all of the toxins are part of what is making us ill.  Change the things you can; in your home, personal care products, clothing, food.

So start with your bedroom, slowly make it all natural, start with the mattress, it the most important step.

Here’s everything you never wanted to know (but need to) about the dangerous toxic chemicals used in your mattress.

Follow the Link and find out!   How Toxic is your Mattress?

Here a Great article- How I found a Non-Toxic Mattress

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