Citrus Drink Mix


Fill a jar with slices of lemon or lime or both.  As you layer the fruit, add sugar, the sugar.

Press on the fruit as you layer it to start the release of juices.

Set a lid on the jar. But, do not screw the lid on. You want some air to be able to escape from the jar.

Keep the citrus-filled jar at room temperature. We kept it on the island where we usually fix our drinks.

After a day or so begin pouring a little of the citrus syrup into a glass of soda water. You do not need much of the syrup to make a cooling, refreshing drink. After a few days the syrup will begin to ferment, adding another dimension of flavor and interest to your drink.

As the syrup gets low in the jar, add more sugar and work it into the citrus slices. They still have plenty of flavor to release.

Use this way for about 3 weeks, then dicard.

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