Second Nature Skin Care

clip_image001Second Nature

I was at Grassroots Natural Market in 5 Points this morning and Caren Burmeister was there doing a demo of her all natural skin care products. 

Driven by an abiding respect for Mother Nature and a deep curiosity, Caren spent hundred of hours researching plant-based ingredients that are potent, safe and beneficial. With those premium extracts, she handcrafted rich formulas that moisturize the skin and make it softer and more youthful looking.

Within weeks of using her own products Caren saw a dramatic change in her skin. Her friends and family raved, “Did you do something different? You look amazing!”

Wanting to help others achieve the greatest skin possible, she turned her passion into a business.

I was quite impressed!  Her products have very clean ingredients and she has really done her research in essential oils that are beneficial to the skin.  I tried the Cranberry Nectar,a light, botanical blend absorbs quickly, reviving wrinkled and sun damaged skin. Cranberry seeds are concentrated with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and Vitamins E, A and K. I found the products to absorb quickly, feeling very light on the skin.  4 hours later the skin on the back of my hand still feels very soft…moisturized but not oily.

If you are looking for hand crafted, all natural products…look at Caren’s products!  Here is a link to her page-  Second Nature

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