Bamboo Toothbrushes!

At home

In my long quest to eschew plastic, I began purchasing recycled toothbrushes..about 8 years ago. I enjoyed the Reach toothbrush, but they are expensive, and are still plastic.  Even cycled plastic is not what I want to buy or use in my home at all.  So I have stuck with the toothbrushes will recyclable heads..

I also tried Neem sticks, twigs that you chew and then brush with.  While i LOVE Neem tooth powder…these just didn’t cut it for me!  I am drawn to the fact that they are primitive, cheap. renewable, compostable.  After all, I love doing things in their most basic forms; papermaking, soap making, cooking (making everything from scratch!), weaving, spinning..  BUT, these were too primitive.

Then, I saw these beauties!  Here is what they say about them;

Brush with Bamboo’s starter pack includes 2 toothbrushes. Our bamboo toothbrush is the environmentally conscious choice for your household. This toothbrush has a biodegradable handle made from 100% bamboo. The soft bristles are verified BPA-Free Soft Nylon (recyclable, not biodegradable). The bamboo toothbrush comes in a biodegradable box made from paper. The inside wrapper is made from plants and is compostable in city and commercial facilities. Your bamboo toothbrushes can be used for just as long as plastic toothbrushes.

HERE’S where to buy them!    image

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