Why Do We Have Food Cravings?

  Just Eat Real Foods

Just Eat Real Foods Facebook page posted this gem today;

"Step 1 to overcoming your junk food cravings: stop judging yourself harshly for having them.

Cravings are not failure. They are feedback. There’s something in what your craving that your body is demanding for short term gratification.

Your job is to LISTEN to your body and get IN FRONT OF the cravings by making sure your body is well nourished."

We have cravings when our body is not getting what it needs.  If you find yourself eating between meals, grabbing dessert after every meal, wanting chocolate often (except for a small amount at times)…then look at your caloric intake each day.  Where are the calories coming from?  Are you taking in a minimum of 2000 calories a day?  Is your protein and fat percentages high enough?

You need 50% of your calories to come from fat, 30 from protein and the remaining 20% to come from mostly low glycemic vegetables with heavy emphasis on green leafy vegetables.  Include some fermented foods each day; coconut milk yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha tea are several sources.

Perfect health may be defined as having fullness of function. Health means complete well being, inner and outer harmony, vigor, strength, mental acuity, emotional poise, in short, total fitness. You should wake up rearing to go, go all day without energy fluctuations, sleep well at night, and have no aches, pains or other symptoms. 

If not, look to your nutrition.  Hiring a coach can greatly enhance your ability to examine and modify your diet to reach your goals. 

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