Breakfast Dishes


Everybody says they don’t eat breakfast, or that they get bored with it, or that it takes too long in the morning…or they are in a daze until they’ve had a few cups of coffee.. It is crucial to eat breakfast, it should be a third of your calories and nutrients; 700 calories.  It takes 2000 calories a day to meet your nutrient needs, from the right foods.  fat and protein, with only 20 to 25% of that meals calories coming from carbs is ideal.  I like eating fruit with breakfast.  If you feel to awful to eat in the morning or absolutely cannot wake up without a few cups of coffee…then it is time to think about changing your nutrition, detoxing, the result will be that you wake up raring to go, enjoy that one cup of coffee instead of needing it.

Here are plenty of meal ideas to get you started!

1) Organic Scrambled Eggs with Butter, Salsa w/Fruit & Ezekiel Toast
2) Turkey Omelet & Melon
3) Red-flannel Hash with an Egg Blanket
4) Mexican Style Omelet with Chicken Sausage
5) Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Fruit and Macadamia Nuts
6) Omelet with Side of Fruit
7) Breakfast Tostada with Fresh Fruit Salad
8) Mushroom and Onion Omelet/ Fresh Fruit Salad
9) Eggs Florentine with Rice Mozzarella and Pineapple/ Nuts
10) Vegetable Omelet with Fresh Fruit
11) Gluten free Bagel, Rice Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon, Tomatoes and Onion
12) Grilled Chicken and Egg Tostada, Fresh Fruit Salad
13) Roasted Turkey, Scrambled Eggs, Peaches
14) Gluten Free Waffles w/Walnuts and Sautéed Bananas
15) Broccoli & Turkey Omelets/ Fruit salad
16) Scrambled Eggs/ Raw Grated Applesauce with Figs and Dates
17) Spinach Quiche w/ Rice Mozzarella Cheese, Watermelon
18) Scrambled Parmesan Frittata & Melon Salad
19) Turkey Omelet w/ Fruit Salad
20)Three Onion Omelet w Eggs with Salsa w/ Melon & Blueberries
21) Egg White & Rice-Cheddar Omelet w/ Fruit Salad
22) Ezekiel Bread French Toast w/ Fruit Salad
23) Ezekiel Bread w/ Peanut Butter / Eggs / Fruit Salad
24) Ezekiel Bagel & Eggs
25) Tomato & Herb Omelet w/ Parmesan & Fruit Salad
26) Broccoli & Turkey w/ Scrambled Eggs / Fruit Salad
27) Ezekiel Bread French Toast Stuffed with Rice Cream Cheese with Walnuts and Vanilla, Organic Maple Syrup or Bananas Sautéed with Butter

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