Recovering From Food Allergies

Most people think that all it takes to stop the symptoms from food allergies is to stop eating the food that you react to. While that is certainly the first step, it takes more than that to truly get well and repair the immune system. It is important to remember that the digestive and immune system has been damaged, hormone imbalances are common, and there is always a leaky gut.

Leaky gut begins when foods are introduced too early in the first year of life, when babies are not breast fed, when too much sugar or grains are eaten, when we are deficient in the right fats.  Intolerance to foods, sleep disorders, colic, reflux, ear infections, colds, sore throats, indigestion, constipation, hyperactivity, joint pain, irritability…are all some of the most common symptoms. 

Eventually leaky gut develops; the epithelial cells lining the stomach become damaged.  These cells normally secrete digestive juices and also act as a barrier to block undigested proteins from entering the bloodstream.  When they break down we no longer digest food well, undigested proteins cause allergy or intolerance symptoms.  If not corrected these can and often do, lead to full blown allergic reactions.

So along with removing, and keeping, the foods you react to out of the diet you also need to follow the protocol for healing a leaky gut; no lactose or grains whatsoever, no soy, no acidic foods, no alcohol, lower sodium.  You need high quality proteins from organic and/or grass fed meat, eggs, plenty of traditional bone stocks and low glycemic vegetables…with the focus on greens. I also recommend probiotics for that year to replenish the intestinal flora which in turns begins to repair the immune system. 

It takes close to a year to completely heal the gut, depending on how strict you are with your diet, what the stress level is in your life, how much rest you get.  But don’t think that it is going to take a whole year to feel better!   Following a leaky gut protocol will make you feel better in under  week; more energy, symptoms abating, digestion improving.  But you have to stay on track, the discipline will pay off, you will get well!

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