How Fats Build a Great Immune System

How to Not Get Sick This Holiday Season…


This is the time of year that people start getting colds and flu.  This is NOT inevitable, the weather does not cause it. Being indoors a lot is a factor as we are are around people more who might be sick, and we are not in the sun as much, which enhances our immune system.

What DOES cause us to get sick?  A compromised immune system. We are all exposed to germs 100% of the time, strep germs are present in our throats all of the time.  Coming within 6 feet of someone, indoors, exposes us to their germs. The heavier foods we eat, the extra sweets and junk foods because of the holidays cause us to gain weight and not be as healthy.

So what does it take to build, or repair, your immune system?  Great nutrition in general.  But the most crucial nutrient for building an immune system is saturated fats.

Yeah, those fats that we have been brainwashed in to believing are bad for us!  The truth of the matter is that we gave up eating saturated was in the second World War for rationing…so out troops could have the butter. lard and protein they needed.  Many companies stepped up and manufactured substitutes.  We began cooking with corn oil, margarine, vegetable lard.  And our health began to fail, cancer rates began to rise, people began to gain weight, heart attacks became more common.  And look where we are today; our immune systems are a mess, the majority of Americans are obese, unhealthy. 

It was healthy in the 70’s and 80’s to make the choice to eschew saturated fats. All that was available was fats from feed lot animals. But beginning in the 90’s, organic meat began to be available.  It was pricy, but you could get it.   Now we have readily available grass fed meats at affordable prices.

Plenty of high quality organic grass fed meat, along with a variety of low glycemic vegetables, a bit of fruit…and plenty of saturated fats daily.  Several tablespoons of butter, some coconut oil, very small amounts of organic olive or other vegetable oils and cooking with some animal fats such as beef or chicken, or duck is healthy and meets our needs for Vitamins A, D and E.  These nutrients build, or repair, an immune system.  They help you lose weight, are crucial for digestion…for all biological functions.

And taste heavenly!!  Enjoy!

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