NEWS FLASH; There is no such thing as “bad” cholesterol!

For cooking;

  butter  croppedBeef fator Olive Oil Bottle?

Butter, beef fat or olive oil?

Someone pasted something today on Facebook telling us we should eat more apples, as the help the body to not absorb bad cholesterol.

BUT, there is no such thing as bad cholesterol!

This is a very very important distinction!  Understanding this can mean the difference between health or illness, life and death.

There’s no such thing as BAD cholesterol.  Cholesterol is your best friend as all biological functions depend on it;

  • Lowers risk of heart disease and helps elevate HDL’s, and lowers LDL”s.
  • Saturated fats are crucial to help the body build bone density and the absorption of calcium.
  • Saturated fats and the depth of vitamins they contain help us build and repair an immune system.
  • Saturated fats are crucial in brain development, brain function and is the best anti-depressant there is.
  • aids in hormone production.
  • Is crucial for the absorption of all vitamins and minerals.

So, we know that we need cholesterol, which comes from animal products, proteins contain fat, butter, coconut oil, beef and chicken fats, duck fat..all great for cooking with!   The reason these foods are great to cook with is because they are not harmed by heat, they are stable fats when heated and/or exposed to oxygen.  They also contain high amounts of Vitamin D, one of the nutrients crucial to the health of your immune system. 

On the other hand; vegetable oils are greatly harmed by heat and oxygen.  They are liquid at room temperature and ANY heat above 120 degrees renders them HIGHLY carcinogenic.  They are rancid almost from the moment they are removed from the foods they in which they naturally occur. This causes high free radical production in the body AND because these oils thickened when heated they cause sticky blood lipids. This is a MAJOR problem when we ingest them because they cause sticky blood lipids.  THIS is what causes our cholesterol to clump together, causing blockages, heart disease and strokes.  

Avoid heated vegetable oils and gluten containing foods and get plenty of healthy organic saturated fats to keep this from occurring and to help heal.

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