Top 10 Worst Nutritional & Dietary mistakes people make

10) Relying on superficial descriptions such as “natural” or even “organic” on labels to determine whether a food is truly healthy.

9) Relying on the media, your doctor or even conventional nutritionists/dieticians to provide accurate nutritional information

8 ) Believing that junk food “in moderation” is OK.

7) Following “government guidelines” or “The Food Pyramid” for healthy eating.

6) Thinking that “being slim” means you are healthy—using weight as your litmus of “good health”.

5) Using vitamins to “make up for” unhealthy eating habits.

4) Believing that exercise can “make up for” unhealthy eating habits.

3) The belief that “genetics is destiny”.

2) The belief that eating healthy means having to give up enjoyment of food, good flavor, fat, dietary cholesterol or animal source foods.

1) The belief or assumption that eating a quality diet is too expensive…or too difficult or complicated to maintain.


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