Study: Eating Organic Produce Slashes Pesticide Concentrations in the Body

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There has been a huge debate recently about whether organic food is better for you, has more nutrients.  I am puzzled by this; many organic fruits and vegetables taste FAR better than non-organic..sweet potatoes, lettuces, broccoli to name a few.  As an organic gardener I fail to understand how anyone could think that food grown in whole soil with everything it needs as far as nutrients, microbes enzymes could NOT be more nutritious than one grown with chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

BUT, the one thing no one has brought up is that no matter the nutrient levels, organic food has NO PESTICIDES!   Duh…isn’t that the main point, no pesticides going into our body, our children’s bodies and our water supply and soil?

I’ve been thinking about blogging these thoughts and then today Treehugger published this…

Eating Organic Produce Slashes Pesticide Concentrations in the Body

Say what you will about buying and eating organic fruits and vegetables, but one thing is certain: Consumers can significantly reduce their intake of pesticide residues by choosing organic produce, according to researchers at Stanford University who reviewed a massive body of scientific studies on the oft-argued issue.

The debates about organic produce run rampant. Naysayers say there’s little difference between organic and “conventional” (isn’t it sad that the use of pesticides has become conventional?), backlashers complain that organic produce is merely precious food for the green elite, agriculture giants say the chemicals don’t reach consumers. But for those of us who prefer our food without the addition of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, it’s nice to have the back-up…thank you kindly, Stanford University.

The researchers looked at more than 230 field studies and 17 human studies held in the United States and Europe to compare pesticide residues, antibiotic resistance and vitamin and nutrient levels in organic and conventionally produced foods. The study was published online at The Annals of Internal Medicine.


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